New Samsung CHG90 Monitor


Samsung 49-inch CHG90, the first DisplayHDR 600 monitor.

HDR monitor review

The Samsung 27, 32 and 49-inch VA monitors are the first to be certified DisplayHDR. For the precision DisplayHDR 600.

VESA’s first DisplayHDR certified monitor is the CHG90, the 49-inch QLED gaming display.

This screen, together with the 27 and 32-inch panels of the CHG70 series, complies with the dictates of the DisplayHDR 600 specification. As we have shown recently, DisplayHDR consists of three levels: 400, 600 and 1000.


New Samsung CHG90 Monitor review

DisplayHDR 600 requires peak luminance of 600 cd / m2, 10-bit image processing, real-time contrast ratios with local dimming, full-screen flash for realistic rendering of effects in games and video and finally a color gamut decidedly higher than that established by DisplayHDR 400.

The 49-inch VA panel of the CHG90 has the unprecedented 32: 9 format, exactly twice as wide as a 16: 9. In fact, Samsung calls this type of panels, whose resolution is 3840×1080 pixels, Double Full-HD, unlike Ultra-Wide. Another interesting feature is AMD FreeSync 2 support.

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