WD My Passport ssd ultra fast Review


It is called “compact storage that resists impacts in an attractive and durable design.” This is the West and Digital SSD ultra fast HD.

What is the WD My Passport SSD

I can not fail to note similarities with the classic mechanical hard disks just presented: here it is all in miniature, however, well-structured metallic look, composed of two parts firmly joined together.

What’s inside the package

In the cardboard box we find, in addition to the disk, the USB cable 3, the USB-A adapter to USB-C, the information for the warranty and a nice leaflet that greets us and gives us basic information on the use.
The cable is long enough to allow the use of the SSD with all laptops. Let’s see how it is built.

Size of the WD My Passport SSD

The upper part is matte black, with the company logo clearly visible; below has a ribbed metal finish.
This is the design that unites all WD portable products for the year 2017.
The effect is very pleasant, has a “premium” I do not know.

Quality of the WD My Passport SSD

I wanted to try the disk with both USB-C and USB-A, also performing speed tests to see how its interface behaved, both in FAT formatting and in MAC OS JOURNALED.
The disk is immediately recognized in both cases; there are no operating LEDs to indicate the activity of the same.

As for the other WD products, the disc has some preloaded contents: it is WD Utilities in Mac and PC versions, of the online user manual, and some files to allow the operation of the utilities on Windows.

Performance, capacity and extra

Available in three denominations (256GB, 512GB and 1TB), it has an estimated maximum speed of 515MB / S.

Test 1: FAT + USB-C 3.0

hd ssd wd test 1

Test 2: FAT + USB-A 3.0

wd ultra fast ssd test 2

Test 3: Mac OS Journaled + USB-C 3.0

test WD ssd ultra fast with iOS

As you can see, the best results were recorded formatting with Mac system, using a direct USB-C cable, without the adapter provided in the package.
Each test was repeated twice, taking into consideration only the best results.

With a reading speed peak of 431 MB / S, I can confirm the quality of this portable disk, suggesting the purchase of this SSD, both as an archive, and as a trusted companion to save photos and videos dear to us.

It is so fast that it can support streaming 2160p video streams without lag during editing with professional software, such as the “Final Cut Pro” program.

The quality of the disc and its reliability are underlined by a 3 year warranty.


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