Volkswagen revolutionizes the bicycle


Volkswagen Revolution: the two electric city wheels arrive. At the debut the Streetmate and Cityskater: very small and very light electric vehicles, designed for urban centers.

The bike of the future of Volkswagen

Volkswagen in all fields: from electric cars to light vehicles – always on battery – for urban mobility. “Light” to the point of being able to be carried on the shoulder in the office or easily slipped into the trunk to complete the paths leaving the car in the parking lots at the edge of the city.

This is the philosophy of the brand new two- or three-wheeler vehicles: the Streetmate (electric scooter) and the Cityskater (Last-Mile-Surfer) to meet any long or short route requirement.

Volksvagen Streetmate e Cityskater

The Streetmate is in fact a real scooter that you can drive both standing upright on a scooter or sitting down. But it has a merit: it weighs only 65 kg and ranks at 45 km / h (electronically limited maximum speed) with a range of 35 km. Just enough to move around the city.

The Cityskater instead reaches a maximum speed of 20 km / h with a range of up to 15 km but it is a feather: it weighs only 11.9 kg and can be taken anywhere, even on buses. A revolution.

“We want to take into account – explain to Volkswagen – all the many aspects related to electric mobility, including micro-mobility, so we offer a full range of vehicles dedicated to electric mobility: from the high-end concept car ID VIZZION passing through the iconic versatile ID BUZZ, the spacious SUV ID CROZZ, the compact ID, right up to the Streetmate and Cityskater “.

In short, a global vision that aims to offer its customers small vehicles with zero emissions to reach even the most crowded areas of the center, to be combined with larger and heavier cars that have the task of covering large distances.

So it is not about alternatives to cars but accessories, even if the electric scooter, given its characteristics, can be used instead of a motorcycle in the city. Surely what is striking is the design, very different from everything we have seen so far around. A clear message that Volkswagen wants to launch to the world of two wheels …

The Streetmate in fact is almost a real bike: apart from the maximum speed of 45 km / h, has a particularly low center of gravity (the lithium-ion battery is integrated into the structure of the floor), while the nominal power of the battery is 1 , 3 kWh. Which means that with a charging power of 500 watts, the electric vehicle is full of energy in 2 hours and 15 minutes if connected to a corresponding charging station; alternatively, the battery can be removed and then recharged in the office or at home.

The throttle control is pushbutton, (it controls with a thumb on the handlebars), while there are no perforated disc brakes and the anti-lock system (ABS). “During the deceleration phase – explain the technicians – the engine inserted in the rear wheel hub acts as an alternator, regenerating energy through the recovery system.You can also increase the autonomy of the Streetmate using the ECO mode“.

And instead of the instrumentation there is a 5.3-inch display that displays state of charge and autonomy. But it also works as a navigator or an anti-theft device if connected – via the App – to a smartphone. In short, a mini bike. And in fact to drive it you need a helmet, driving license and insurance.

Volksvagen cityskater

Things instead to which escapes the small Cityskater that has 3 wheels (two front and one rear), is always electric, but unlike a skateboard or a scooter has a double platform, one for each leg, and each with its own wheel . A handlebar provides the necessary support, while to steer just move the weight from one leg to the other in a natural way, like when skiing.

Here the electric motor positioned in the rear wheel delivers up to 450 watts of power. The lithium-ion battery, 200 Wh of capacity, can be recharged up to 50% in less than an hour by a common household outlet (230 V). The autonomy with 50% charged battery reaches up to 7.5 km, fully charged at about 15 km. The Cityskater can also be recharged in the trunk of a car or on the train, provided it is connected to a suitable outlet.

Prices? Not yet announced: Streetmate and Cityskater will be on sale within the year, but we estimate that the largest will cost around 3000 euros, the little one around 1000. Few, many? Impossible to say, things like this have never been seen before. Above all under the umbrella of an important brand like the Volkswagen brand.



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