The first cell phone call


The first cell phone call 45 years ago: this is how the mobile revolution begins.

History of smartphone use

Martin Cooper of Motorola called Joe Angel at the Bell. It was 1973, but they were put on the market only years later.

It’s a 40-year history and has a starting date: April 3, 1973, the day when, with the first cell phone call, the era of mobile phones opened. The scene takes place in the streets of New York, where the engineer of Motorola Martin Cooper (now 89 years old) tries his device that has the size of a shoe.

He already knows who he will call, and maybe he laughs: his friend and rival of Bell Laboratories AT & T, Joe Engel, who works in the same direction. He dials his office number and in two sentences he writes the story: “At Motorola we did it, cell phone is a reality”.


If this call is written in the history books of technology, it must be said that from that day it had to pass water under the bridges before the mobile phone was marketed. So much time and so much money: ten years and a million dollar investment to develop the DynaTAC, acronym of Dynamic Adaptive Total Area Coverage, considered the first mobile phone ever.

Of course, that diminutivo had little to do with it. Who was there remembered that object that weighed a pound and cost an error, four thousand dollars, and had no screen. With a battery that despite the size could not resist for more than half an hour and the recharge lasted a blunder.

Since 1983, the day he appeared on the shelves, the mobile phone began to spread among the wealthiest people who wore it as a real status symbol. And so it remained for several years: it took seven before reaching one million users. From then on, however, the development went galloping: the gadgets became mass, changed shape to become in some cases small and very thin (always with the Motorola the first row, remember the Razor?), In many economic cases, almost always with power equal to computers a few years before and with the ability to connect in a satisfactory network. A success that, year after year, has not known any limits.


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