Technological stress


The 45% of digital workers suffer from tecnostress.
A recent study has highlighted the problems digital workers suffer from headaches to panic attacks.

Professional diseases of technology

Mobile workers and digital workers can undoubtedly have many advantages over those who perform more traditional jobs, but they are not just roses and flowers. A recent study carried out on a sample of 1,009 mobile workers by¬†dependence on the web network Onlus in collaboration with the Italian Association of health and safety at work (AIFOS) and anticipated dall’Adnkronos Salute would show that as many as 45% of those who work daily use tablet , smartphones and PC suffer from various disorders, more or less serious.

They range from simple headaches to nervousness, to concentrations, fatigue, black mood, gastritis and even anxiety and panic attacks. In short, a variety of varied disorders, which is conventionally collected under the label of tecnostress, recognized as a new occupational disease in 2007, following a ruling by the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office (Italy).
“Excessive use of these devices may favor health risks”, explained Enzo Di Frenna, president of Netdipendenza Onlus, who also warns against the risks of electrosmog, ie prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields emitted by smartphones and Tablet.


“Most respondents use a computer connected to the Net for 8 hours a day (18.4%), but there are also those who arrive at 10 hours (9.8%) and those who even oscillate between 12 and 16 hours (around 6% overall) 64.1% also use the smartphone one hour a day for business conversations (about 30 hours a month), even during the week-end, some workers even use their smartphone 6 hours a day, with 30-minute breaks, the use of the tablet for work purposes is not yet so widespread, in fact only 36.9% use it regularly at least an hour a day, with a maximum of 4 hours “, reports Adnkronos.

“By now many workers are hyper-connected: they never break the plug and declare to use computers, smartphones and tablets even in bed for professional reasons (overall about 66.5%), or Saturday and Sunday (about 90% 65.5% are aware of the risks of electromagnetic fields related to the use of mobile devices, but can not do without them, even with headaches, 87% confess that the overdose of technology causes fatigue Among these, 8.7% complain of serious health problems and 39.6% of occasional problems: in all, therefore, 45% of workers come to terms with ailments and problems with technostress “.

But what to do to prevent the emergence of these problems?¬†dependence on the web network Onlus advises above all to respect the breaks provided by law for those who work at the computer and train more workers about the risks of technostress and electromagnetic fields. As soon as possible the solution is one: turn off PC, smartphone and tablet, move away from the workstation, unplug the weekend, walk in contact with nature and engage in relaxing activities. We’ll make it?



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