Stop to Net neutrality


Today, the US Federal Commission on Net Neutrality

Freedom on the net

Bandwidth providers will be allowed to create preferential paid lanes on the Internet for higher speed content. Congress has 60 days to pass a contrary law, but Republicans and Trump are not available.

The farewell to net neutrality in the United States will be formalized today by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which will publish the law on the Federal Register. TheHill reports it, citing an informed source.

trump the bad guy

This is the bad guy  for the Net Neutrality

With three votes in favor and two against, last December the FCC launched the dismantling of the rules required by former President Barack Obama in 2015 to protect freedom on the Net and prevent bandwidth providers from creating preferential lanes for content payments. greater speed. Internet providers like At & T, Comcast or Verizon, will now be able to freely decide which accesses to speed, potentially revolutionizing the digital world.

With the publication on the Federal Register the 60 days of time granted to Congress take place to launch a law capable of overturning the decision of the FCC on the dismantling of net neutrality that has triggered the protests of millions of Americans and some big high-tech , Google and Facebook included.

Democrats in Congress are on a war footing as well as activists and attorneys general of 20 American states that with the publication of the law will trigger the appeals. If even the Democrats were able to pass a Republican-controlled law in Congress to overturn the FCC’s decision, it is highly probable that President Donald Trump decides to resort to the right of veto.


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