Security flaw on Amazon Go


Amazon Go, how I ‘steal’ the goods in the store without cashiers. Youtuber shoots video: “But automation looms”.

How to steal in an automated Amazon Go store

The video blogger Linus Sebastian has unleashed a crawl on the web, after posting a video in which he testifies to have ‘stolen’ some towels in the new Amazon Go in Seattle: the first supermarket without cashiers in which the shopping is charged with an app.

Actually Linus demonstrates how, reversing the packaging of absorbents from the app, there is then a way to return the product purchased, despite the reimbursement arrives on time. In the full video, the youtuber puts the accent on a topic that worries in the US: “In the US there are 3.5 million cashiers and, despite Amazon declares that it will always need human resources for supply and customer assistance there is no reason to think that they can not be replaced in the future “.


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