Russian and bitcoin supercomputer


They used a government supercomputer for mining, arrested some Russian scientists.

Russian scientists arrested

How much could you earn using a supercomputer for cryptocurrency mining? This is probably what some Russian scientists of the Research Institute of Experimental Physics of Sarov have asked themselves for, a “curiosity” which, however, has cost them prison.

The fever for the mining of cryptocurrencies does not seem to want to decrease, and despite the recent weeks the quotations of some cryptomete have dropped, more and more people are trying to devote themselves to this practice for profit.

It is well known that mining requires computers with a high computing power, so what better opportunity for those who have a very powerful supercomputer available every day?

super pc russian used for mining bitcoin

According to the Interfax agency , several employees of the Russian research center, which belongs to the most important Federal Nuclear Center, have been arrested for practicing “mining cryptocurrencies in the workplace “.

The incident was confirmed by Federal Nuclear Center spokesman Tatyanna Zalesskaya, who explained how the phenomenon is actually quite widespread in these areas.

At the moment, data on the quantity and type of mined cryptocurrencies have not been disclosed, nor for how long did the scientists use the supercomputer of the Russian nuclear agency. The BBC talks about Bitcoin, but at the moment there is no official confirmation, so it could also be some other cryptomena.

It is interesting to note, however, that between 6 and 7 February, the Bitcoin network hash rate fell from 24293141 TH / s to less than 20000000 TH / s.

It could be a drop due to the current price trend, but it must be said that the supercomputer used by Russian scientists has a computing power of 1 peta-flops, so it has certainly contributed significantly to the hash rate.


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