Programs with BIM technology


The Bim is a container of information and not a software, for this there is need to exploit this opportunity through programs that allow the use of BIM objects.

What is BIM service

In the construction sector there are many activities, we take care of the technical design as we take care of the structural or energy aspect of the building and that is why we look for a software “Main” that uniforms the work of the various parties involved in the design. But what are the software that exploit this great potential? And which ones are the best?

What is BIM service

As a software leader when it comes to BIM there is certainly the Revit program of the Autodesk family. The software allows you to design directly in 3D and allows the management by multiple users of the project, assigning to each of them the design of the relevant sector. Revit allows, unlike the others, also to create a BIM object from scratch, for which it is also chosen by those who want to become a BIM Manager, it is possible to become a BIM Manager doing a special bim course at recognized training centers.

It has a good rendering engine and even allows you to take advantage of GIS technologies. Probably the one that has best adapted to the purpose and which enjoys a very good diffusion in the world. Perhaps the only drawback is that Autodesk has decided to grant the license only on an annual subscription for which every year it is necessary to pay the fee for the use of the software.

The other Revit level program is certainly Archicad owned by Graphisoft. Structurally it is very similar to Revit and also the commands and the logic of construction of the project are similar. Archicad was among the first to use BIM objects, allowing users to easily exchange libraries through the creation of OpenBim.

BIM with program's protocol

The program has very intuitive commands and allows the construction of the virtual building very quickly. It also has an extensive library of parametric (non-Bim) objects that are used to graphically enrich a project.

Thanks also to a powerful rendering engine allows the creation of high quality images. In the latest versions it has filled the few faults it had, becoming now a very popular software and appreciated by professionals in the sector. The advantage of Archicad can be in the relatively low cost of the license which, among other things, must be purchased one-off.

Other noteworthy software are AllPlan: a platform that allows you to apply various information to the design such as the cost calculation and Edificius of Acca Software, also this complete software of architectural design but can be integrated with other plugins always developed by Acca and that allow a structural calculation, the calculation of energy efficiency, maintenance etc .. Worthy of mention can also be the STR VISION program of TeamSystem, a very important company in the development of design software.

They are valid and even cheaper programs but their diffusion at the moment is a bit limited. So the two giants, Revit and Archicad, currently make it the market leader and are almost the unanimous choice of those working in the sector.


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