Now the charity is done through Facebook


The social network has also introduced in Italy Social Good, which makes available to the non-profit world tools to amplify the effect of campaigns.

Donations on Facebook

Not just a pastime. Social networks can be an effective sounding board for non-profit organizations. Via social voluntary associations and humanitarian organizations can dialogue in a more segmented way with their public and interface on a local and international level in a simple way.

Facebook Social Good is born with this goal: to make available to non profit organizations strategic tools to reach, communicate and engage social users and volunteers. The Benefit option allows organizations to quickly create interest in their causes by setting up a dedicated page to share their stories and support a fundraising goal. Associations can also decide to bring an externally launched campaign to Facebook. The Fundraiser interface allows people to easily connect their collections outside of Facebook.

The social network automatically creates an internal fundraiser that synchronizes with the nonprofit campaign page. Finally, associations can insert a key Make a donation, which can be inserted in the header of your page, in your posts and even in the live facebook sessions.

“All the non-profit organizations are aware of the importance of a social strategy”, commented Paolo Chiovino, Action Aid’s social media manager, one of the first Italian companies that understood the potential of social networks ten years ago and the second in absolute to have launched a bot on Messenger last year.


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