Netgear Nighthawk wi-fi dual band extender


Netgear joins other networking manufacturers, including Linksys and Amped wi-fi wireless, in bringing Multi-person a couple of input, a couple of Output (MU-MIMO) era to a plug-in variety extender.

The EX7300 is straightforward to install and manipulate, however it is pretty big and lacks a bypass-via outlet. That said, it brought high scores and true variety overall performance in our 5GHz assessments, and its MU-MIMO throughput become just as strong. it’s our Editors’ preference for range extenders.

Design and capabilities of Netgear Nighthawk wifi extender

At 6.3 with the aid of 3.2 by 1.7 inches (HWD), the EX7300£78.00 at Amazon is slightly bigger than the TP-link AC1750 range Extender (RE450)£64.99 at Novatech Direct Ltd. and the Linksys RE7000 Max-circulate AC1900 range Extender£94.95 at Amazon, however it does not use outside antennas like the TP-hyperlink RE450. Instead, it packs an internal antenna array into its barely tapered chassis, together with more than one excessive-electricity ampliwirelessers.

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It’s a twin-band AC2200 extender which could reach maximum speeds of 450Mbps on the 2.4GHz band and 1,733Mbps at the 5GHz band, and it supports the modern-day overall performance-improving technologies, which include beamforming, which sends records at once to clients instead of over a vast spectrum, and MU-MIMO streaming, which transmits facts to well matched customers simultaneously in preference to sequentially. it may be pressed into obligation as a wi-fiwireless extender or as a stressed get admission to factor.

The left aspect holds an Extender/get right of entry to factor switch, an On/Off button, a Reset button, and a WPS button. The front panel has LED signs for strength, WPS interest, router link pastime, and purchaser link pastime. The router and consumer LEDs are green while there’s an tremendous connection, amber while there is wi-fic connection, and red when there’s a bad connection.

To access the EX7300’s settings, you kind in your browser’s address bar to release the console. It opens to a status page that shows net and router connectivity repute, wireless sign power, and SSID statistics for each prolonged radio band.

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The wi-fiwireless Settings web page helps you to enable/disable every band, rename the SSID, alternate passwords, and restrict speeds for each band, and the linked gadgets permits you to view statistics for each connected client, such as the IP deal with, name, and MAC address. inside the do more menu, you will wi-fi FastLane choice that lets in you to devote one of the radio bands to router/extender communications and the other to extender/consumer communications. even as this could offer stronger overall performance throughout the board, it need to handiest be used if all your customers are either 2.4GHz clients or 5GHz clients. when you have a combination of customers, depart this option disabled. different settings permit you to returned up settings, create get admission to schedules, and replace wirelessrmware.

Set up and overall performance

Putting in the EX7300 could not be simpler. I plugged it right into a wall outlet inside the equal room as my router and pressed the WPS button. The WPS LED commenced blinking inside seconds. I then pressed the WPS button on my router and waited some seconds for the caused glow a strong inexperienced, indicating a a success link to the router’s 2.4GHz band. I repeated this to connect with the 5GHz band and became ready to go.

The EX7300 grew to become in some of the very best scores we’ve got visible in our 5GHz throughput assessments. Its score of 338Mbps inside the close-proximity (same-room) take a look at changed into the highest but, beating the Linksys RE7000 (310Mbps), the Amped wi-fiwireless excessive power AC2600 variety Extender With MU-MIMO (REC44M) (288Mbps), and the TP-link RE450 (192Mbps), any other top pick out. The EX7300’s ratings of 170Mbps at 25 feet and 115Mbps at 50 toes led wi-fithe wiwireless. At 75 toes, its throughput of 66.7Mps got here in at the back of the TP-link RE450 (85Mbps) and the Amped wi-fi REC44M (eighty one.5Mbps), but turned into better than the Linksys RE7000 (29.1Mbps).

In our 2.4GHz assessments, the EX7300 scored wiwireless.8Mbps (near proximity), 43.7Mbps (25 feet), 25.1Mbps (50 toes), and 12.6Mbps (wi-fivewireless feet). It beat the Linksys RE7000 throughout the board (46.1Mbps, 39.8Mbps, 18.6Mbps, and 8.4Mbps, respectively), however not the TP-link RE450 (forty seven.6Mbps, 44.5Mbps, forty two.5Mbps, and 32.1Mbps). The Amped wi-wiwireless REC44M scored fifty three.6Mbps (close proximity), 48Mbps (25 ft), 21.4Mbps (50 toes), and 18.7Mbps (wi-fivewireless toes).

To check MU-MIMO performance, we use three same Acer Aspire R13 laptops geared up with Qualcomm’s QCA61x4A MU-MIMO circuitry and degree throughput to all three customers at close proximity and from a distance of 30 ft. The EX7300 averaged 107Mbps inside the close-proximity check, compared with the Linksys RE7000’s rating of 115Mbps and the Amped wi-wiwireless REC44M’s throughput of ninety nine.8Mbps. within the 30-foot test, the EX7300 scored 90.1Mbps to the Linksys RE7000’s ninety two.4Mbps and the Amped wireless REC44M’s 89.9Mbps. to position these rankings in attitude, our Editors’ preference for midrange routers, the D-hyperlink AC3150 ultra Router (DIR-885L/R)£189.ninety at Amazon, scored 237Mbps inside the close-proximity check and 165Mbps within the 30-foot take a look at.

End review

In case you’re trying to wi-fill in lifeless spots that your router can not attain, the Netgear Nighthawk X4 AC2200 range Extender (EX7300) is an wi-first rate choice. it’s a cinch to install and brought some of the fastest throughput rankings we have visible from a plug-in variety extender, in particular when running on the 5GHz band. it is a bit bulky and lacks a skip-through outlet, however it is no longer uncommon with those gadgets. you will pay round $30 extra for the EX7300 than for the TP-hyperlink AC1750 variety Extender (RE450), however it can provide higher universal performance, and it supports MU-MIMO streaming. As such, the Netgear EX7300 replaces the TP-link RE450 as our Editors’ preference variety extender. in case your router is set to surrender the ghost, however, keep in mind a machine rather. They offer entire-residence coverage, are simple to set up, and require very little technical knowledge to use.



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