NASA new spacesuit


Spacesuit in development of NASA with integrated toilets, to make an offer to help astronauts survive longer in case of emergencies in space.


NASA scientists are developing a new space suit that includes a waste disposal system, which will allow astronauts to stay in their space suits for up to six days in an emergency.

The new seeds, called the Orion Crew Survival Systems Suits (OCSSS), will be worn by the astronauts of the NASA space probe Orion, which will transport men beyond the Earth’s low orbit.

While the Orion will be equipped with a bathroom, NASA is making contingency plans in case of emergencies, including the possibility that the Orion capsule will depressurize and the astronauts have to stay in their suits to survive. NASA wants astronauts to survive in their seeds for up to six days.

It’s been a long time since we are in such a small space, in the best conditions, “but then to live a garment with all your waste from you for so long, it could become very fast,” said NASA engineer Kirstyn Johnson, he told

The existing clothes have diapers called garments of maximum absorbency (MAG’s). The astronauts do not stay in their suits for more than 10 hours at a time. Once out of the space suit, the astronauts use the services on board. There were no toilets on the ship that carried humans to the moon.

For urine collection, crew members of men only wore catheters that fit the penis like a condom, with a tube at the end to collect the liquid, which was pulled into a bag attached to the outside of the suit. However, there were no clothes, urine collection systems for women. The female astronauts used diapers and toilets.


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