Lost smartphone: how to find it in silent mode


If you lose your smartphone and it is not enough to use the sound of your ringtone to find it, you can use the online platforms to find the lost phone.

How to find your phone lost

People often lose their smartphone or iPhone, cell phones are brought to the offices of lost objects. How can we find our smartphone when our missing object is not in the immediate vicinity? In these cases it is very difficult for our ringtone to help us.

It is necessary to use online services to get back our beloved phone. The best known of these online services to find your phone, is “Find my Apple iPhone”, a platform available both online – accessing iCloud – and in the form of a specific application. You have to identify yourself with the Apple ID with which you manage the phone (it is impossible not to use it, it also serves to download the app) and you will immediately get a map that will allow us to locate the Apple device, as well as to activate the ringtone, even if set in silent mode.

Be careful, though: to use “Find My iPhone” you need to have enabled the option in the phone settings menu. The path to follow is Settings, Account and password, iCloud and Find my iPhone, where you can also decide to automatically send the last position of the iPhone, when the battery level will be low.

In addition to activating the ringtone, the iPhone can be set in “lost mode” setting the caching of personal data, such as photos and other information. If instead “Find My iPhone” is not activated, another possibility could be to take advantage of any Apple Watch associated with the phone (if you have it). The clock, in fact, can make the smartphone ring, but it is difficult for this system to be resolutive.

Android has a similar platform called “Find my device”. With the Android operating system, just type the request “Find my smartphone” and the last position of the lost smartphone should appear on the search engine, but with the dedicated service will be identified all the devices associated with the Google service.

For each device, they will be sent by the server messages and orders to make them ring or vibrate (if in silent mode), even blocking the phone, making it useless to any thief or person who may have found our cell phone and you think not return it to its rightful owner.

As for smartphones with Windows Mobile as OS, there is a platform prepared ad hoc, which access is allowed through the Microsoft account and allows the same services and possibilities in case of loss of the phone.


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