London celebrates the history of the T-shirt


The Fashion and Textile Museum of the British capital inaugurates the exhibition T-Shirt: Cult – Culture – Subversion.

T-Shirt’s origin

The t-shirt is democratic, accessible to anyone and able to reinvent itself. But also to launch messages that go beyond simple dress. This is why the Fashion and Textile Museum in London  pays tribute to this icon of clothing with the exhibition T-Shirt: Cult – Culture – Subversion : an exhibition that underlines the role and evolution of the classic t-shirt, passed through the rebellion of rock ‘n’ roll and political manifestations of punk, up to be reinterpreted by the great luxury brands.

The exhibition, of which you will find some anticipations in our gallery, will include a private collection of t-shirts by the British designer Vivienne Westwood, which will range from the very beginning linked to the world of rock and the sexual revolution up to the most recent creations dedicated to environmental issues. Around this series will develop the rest of the exhibition, which will tell the story of the t-shirt and explain its production technologies.

Tickets can be booked online to visit T-Shirt: Cult – Culture – Subversion, which will be staged from February 9th to May 6th.

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