Investments in renewables for 10 billion euros


Last year Italian investments in renewable energy reached 10 billion euros. 140 operations were carried out (equal to 6,231 Megawatts) with an increase of 31% compared to 2014.

Plans to invest in renewables energys

Investments have been made above all abroad, in South America and in Africa on all. The increase is due in particular to wind power; energy efficiency also increases as photovoltaics and biomass fall. This is what emerges from the Irex report, which is the index of companies listed on the Italian market dealing with renewables.

From the report “The transformation of the Italian industry of renewables between integration and internationalization” elaborated by Althesys (strategic consultancy company focused on energy, environment and utilities) shows that the ten main operators in Italy have put on the plate 46% of investments , equal to 51% of the power. The operations carried out abroad amounted to 46% for 2,961 Megawatts.

investiments for renewables energys

Internal growth is due to wind power: operations in this field represent 67.6% of installed power last year (1,624 MW, equal to + 58% compared to the previous year) and required investments for 2.4 billion euros. Investments in photovoltaics decreased by 35% compared to 2014, for a total of 359 megawatts; also those in biomass are down (-56% for power). Biogas and biomethane can not take off. The energy efficiency sector is on the rise: projects have reached 17% of total investments (against 5% in 2014).

The coordinator of the research and responsible for Althesys, Alessandro Marangoni, comments on the relationship with these words:

The energy market is constantly changing: companies are called today to face a new challenge: the digitization of electricity grids, which is also giving birth to new and innovative business models in Italy, able to combine renewable energy, efficiency energy and new services.



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