How FaceID works


How does FaceID work? I answer you after a month of use, in which I tried this means in many situations every day, in the hope of answering all the questions you have posed in these weeks.

I started using my new iPhone X on November 7th, after trying for a couple of days what I used for the unboxing video inside Mediaworld.

How does faceid work

The first perplexity, or perhaps it was simply a question, concerned the new security option, or FaceID. Is it precise? How long does it take in unlocking? Does it always work? Under what conditions can not recognize the face of those who use the smartphone?

As in everything related to the world of electronics, perfection does not exist, but FaceID goes very close to it, because in 97/98% at least of the conditions in which I happened to use it, it recognized me without problems.

I registered with glasses, detail that I always wear out of necessity. When I use the unlock without the same glasses, FaceID recognizes me without problems and acts very quickly.

I often use sunglasses, with a different shape than those from sight: even in that case FaceID recognizes me without major problems, never fails the unlock, which is always fairly fast.

Many of you have asked me how it works when you are lying in bed: this is one of the few conditions in which the phone sometimes struggles to frame the face, but there is a reason. When you are in bed, you tend to put the phone in front of your face at a very different angle than when you are standing.

Just “raise” a little ‘more the phone, with a movement that if you want is a bit’ unnatural, because the release is effective. A question of habit.

And how does it behave when you are standing and the phone on the table? Well, as long as you are “above” the phone and not side or too low (always for a question of angle). To be clear: with the phone in front of you while sitting at the desk, as shown in the picture, just double tap on the display because the phone is activated and the lock works. But in this case you have to be a little more precise in managing your position than the phone. It is not the best, but it is still better than the phones that have the unlocking sensor on the back (in this specific situation).

What does not hinder the use of Faceid

I was convinced that one of the main problems would be the use of the helmet: actually with my model “open” (for your information, it is Nolan N40), FaceID recognizes me at the first stroke and does so even if I have sunglasses , confirming the ability to adapt to the shape of the frame and color of the lenses other than the ones I used to register.

I have a second helmet, even the open one, which wraps less the face and even more so in that case the recognition is without problems.

What hinders the use of Faceid

The real enemy of FaceID is the scarf. If you use it to protect yourself from the cold, by covering your mouth and holding it up to the nose, the release will not work. Just be a little ‘lower because everything goes as it should, because the hat does not affect that much in recognition of your face, unless it is a ski mask.

For the “neck warmers” the principle is the same: no problem, until it is covered part of the face, the area between mouth and nose is one of those on which the projection of points is based that activates the release.

The beard generates curious differences in Faceid

If you register the FaceID with a beard, but then cut it off, the system asks you to enter your code the first time and then you will know that you have changed your look. If you do the opposite, or you register without a beard and then slowly let it grow, there will be no problem, the recognition system will learn to recognize you with the new look. I have not yet tried the surgery, to check if I can recognize myself with the new cheekbone or after the blepharoplasty but if anyone wants to try, I’m ready to welcome the related information.

What would I change in Faceid

I’ve gotten used to the use of FaceID and the lack of the central key fast enough, but sometimes I seem to be a bit schizophrenic, with that thumb flowing back and forth, without knowing why.

The thing I would like is the phone really unlocked when I look at it, without needing that swipe of the bottom up to get to the app: I would like to find myself immediately with the screen unlocked and ready for selection. It would help me reduce by a thousand swips a day!

Final evaluations in Faceid

I read about everything and more about faceID, as often happens, I found stories quite imaginative, seasoned by a healthy madness, which often the net carries with it. FaceID works like a fingerprint, if not better. Like any service / technology option, it works well, even if not always perfectly. Because sooner or later we will have to bend to evidence: perfection does not exist.


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