Google has discovered a bug in Edge Browser


Google is always looking for new security issues, unfortunately it has found another (yet another) on Microsoft and Edge IE browsers.

Microsoft security danger bug

The new bug affects Internet Explorer and Edge. The Project Zero team has made this security risk public, before an update is available.
The decision by Microsoft to postpone the new set of updates scheduled for February (updates will be released on March 15) risks costing dear to users who use its software.

It seems that the Project Zero Team has targeted the company of Satya Nadella, making public all the vulnerabilities, which the developers of Redmond have failed to correct, before the peremptory expire 90 days from the communication.

This is a problem that affects Microsoft’s browsers (both IE and Edge) and that would allow an attacker to cause a browser crash and possibly initiate remote code execution.

With this, it is the (2) third time that the strict policy of Google researchers, embarrasses Microsoft, but it seems to react with more fairplay than previous cases.

The bug, reported in the (1) report by Ivan Fratric, was communicated to Microsoft last November 25 and was made public after the deadline.

The result, in any case, is that Windows users will be exposed for 15 days at risk that the vulnerability is used to develop an exploit that can compromise their devices.


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