Google has decided to try again with the Glass


Boosted by the success of augmented reality, Big G could implement a revised and corrected version, but the underlying technology has yet to mature.

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The wave of collective enthusiasm towards the augmented reality that has (re) invested the hi-tech sector for at least a year now could result in the return of a gadget that many gave for dead and buried: the Google glasses goggles . During the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that is taking place in these days, the head of hardware products of the Mountain View house would have told the Telegraph how the company is still very interested in the development of hi-tech glasses based on augmented reality or, to put it more simply, a new and revised version of the original Google Glass.

The first specimens of the goggles came out of the protected environment of the Google campus in early 2013 after months of anticipation and waiting, but they quickly revealed a flop: the interface was judged to be confusing and low utility, plus the video camera on the frame annoyed passers-by more attentive to their privacy, triggering sometimes violent reactions.

google glass

The product was never distributed globally. Once the project dedicated to the general public has been closed, the goggles have survived in the form of gadgets dedicated to the professional sector, but it is clear at this point that Google still has the dream of getting them to get as many people as possible.

The timing is not clear. Osterloh was deliberately vague in his statements, and in addition to claiming to find “very interesting” the prospect of making new goggles, he also stated that “it will take some time before the necessary technologies to create a product capable of doing what people expect them to do “. Meanwhile, Google has every intention of “investing for as long as necessary” in this area, and “is considering all the types of products possible, devoting a lot of energy in research around these issues”.

The company is actually launching ARcore, an augmented reality platform for Android smartphones that will also be a key piece to create a wearable product already complete with software and algorithms to make it comfortable and useful. Before this happens, however, it may take “a few years”.


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