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A StarCraft II tournament will accompany the 2018 Winter Olympics in Korea. A few days from the declarations of the C.I.O. , a new small step closer to competitive sports and video games.

Technology at the Winter Olympics

E-sports are not yet part of the Olympic disciplines, but the 2018 Winter Olympics, which will be held in Pyeong Chang in South Korea from 9 to 25 February, will be accompanied by a World StarCraft II tournament  that has all the air of the exploratory mission.

Just today, Intel has announced the Intel Masters PyeongChang in collaboration with ESL and Blizzard. The details are yet to be defined but the tournament will take place just before the event to bring the two worlds that in recent days are studying each other.

In recent weeks, in fact, many discussions have generated the recognition by the Olympic Committee  of the importance achieved by the competitive videogames sector and its potential as a new entity within the Movement. A decision that obviously takes into account the huge catchment area and the relative economic potential of the sector, but also the commitment, mental predisposition and qualities of many professional videogamers.

This announcement of the Masters of PyeongChang therefore happens with a perfect timing and could be the right opportunity to understand potentials, catchment area and ability to sport and export to share part of the public.

The choice of StarCraft II, which is not a recent title, is obviously not casual. The game is practically the national sport in South Korea, which boasts many players for years at the highest levels of world competitions, which in Italy are considered and treated as players in Italy. The choice is also linked in a certain way to the Olympic spirit. In fact, StarCraft II, while simulating a conflict between three fighting races, was not considered a violent or aggressive game, but more a strategic title, as if they were chess played in real time.


At the same time but in a different way, since we are talking about the Winter Olympics there will also be activities related to Steep, Ubisoft title dedicated to extreme sports in the mountains, from snowboarding to skiing and wingsuit, which will obviously be presented in the version called “Road to Olympics “. Even if we do not talk about a tournament here, it is still a link between videogames and the Olympics that shows a certain change in sensitivity.

The Intel Masters PyeongChang will be open to all players who will be gradually skimmed with online qualifying tournaments that will begin by November, including of course also the Intel Extreme Masters, one of the most important and long-lived events in the world, which consists of various competitions around the world and a final in Katowice. There will also be a live event in Beijing in December where the two best Chinese players will clash.

The interesting news is that the tournament stages can be followed on official Olympic channels and on other partners. Obviously this official announcement will then follow a series of further details on where the event will take place, the rules and the prize pool, which should be around $ 100,000.


The Intel website gives us more information about e-sports : Intel Exstrem Master


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