Cryptocurrencies failed in the last year


Cryptocurrency, 46% of those launched in 2017 has already failed.

An investigation tells how almost a thousand Initial coin offering proposals last year half ended up in a dead end, between poor collection, lack of interest or fraud.

Cryptocurrencies go down

2017 was the year of Bitcoin fever. In the course of which tens of acronyms have attempted to get on the (seemingly successful) chariot of cryptocurrencies by launching their ICOs, “Initial coin offering”, financing methods intended to feed the raising of capital through the circulation of “tokens” digital, often (but not always) digital coins intended for the market and, just as often but not always, managed through some blockchain.

Good, indeed bad. Of all the ICOs launched last year, 46% would seem to be linked to already failed cryptocurrencies. The bubble, in short, has already exploded, according to the numbers collected by According to the platform, which has just conducted a study of Ico on the basis of the data in turn collected by Tokendata, of the 902 last year’s offers almost half of it has been resolved. With the obvious loss of capital on the part of those who had bet on it.

Going into detail we can see that 902 “Initial coin offering” 142 have never reached the expected collection threshold. On the other hand, other 276 slowly disappeared from the spotlight or constituted, from the outset, unclear and transparent operations.

Figures that may actually be higher: other 113 companies that have launched Ico and cryptomete, in fact, have disappeared from social networks (not exactly an excellent sign) or seem to have so few users who use them to raise many doubts about the success of their operations.

Although several have been launched addressing specific targets and not the general public. In any case, even those who survived do not fare well: few have collected substantial figures, say over 10 million dollars.

In any case, from Telegram to Kodak, there are still many companies that promise to use this particular method of financing during the year.


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