Chronicle AI of Google


Chronicle is born: the challenge of Google to the giants of cybersecurity.

Google will challenge the giants of cyber security using the A.I. for fight hackers and malware programs.

Chronicle Artificial Intelligence Google

Google go in the cybersecurity market and does so by exploiting its knowledge in artificial intelligence. Alphabet, the holding company headed by Google, has launched a new company specialized in computer security: it’s called Chronicle and its goal is to help companies in the fight against cyber criminals by exploiting artificial intelligence technologies and advanced online threat analysis tools.

Chronicle, explains with a post on Medium the manager and neo ceo Stephen Gillett, born as a rib of Google X, the laboratory of the California giant dedicated to experimental projects.

The new unit consists of two parts: an “intelligence” and analysis platform that will help companies understand and better manage their security data, and VirusTotal, a malware reporting service, malware in Google, that Google acquired in 2012.

Chronicle’s main purpose is to help companies deal with cyber attacks in a timely manner. Every day, Gillett writes, “thousands of potential clues to hacker activity are ignored or discarded.”

“Security teams usually filter out a few thousand people they think it’s worth investigating, but in a day’s work they’re lucky if they can examine a few hundred.” Chronicle aims to simplify and speed up the team work. The tool has been tested up to now with some of the companies that appear on the main 500 list according to Fortunel.



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