Bt Dual-Band Wi-fi extender 600 review


Too many devices connected to your home wi-fi and the wifi signal can not do it? Buy this dual band extender ..

Wi-fi extender dual-band

What is the BT dual-Band Extender six hundred?

BT has a quite correct recent music report with its networking accessories and it has largely scored some other hit with the dual-Band Extender 600, even though it does have one key annoyance.

Beginning with the good stuff, the Extender 600 has one wi-fic and very wi-ficialwireless function that is a setwireless of LEDs that indicate whether the unit is an wi-fi distance out of your router. The concept being, if it’s too close then you dewi wireless’re now not going to extend the variety much and if it’s too a ways away you’ll no longer get wi-fic wi-fi signal.

Be wireless though this is, it wasn’t totally reliable because it optimistically said that our test distance turned into too near, regardless of readings surely displaying that it and the other extenders boosted performance. while we examined with the newer Extender 1200 it said our check distance changed into ideal.

Someplace else that is a reasonably ordinary dual-band extender with a single Ethernet port on the top for connecting stressed devices and each WPS and guide setup.

It’s pretty a big unit with an attention-grabbing matt black livery. We pretty like the look, though of path it doesn’t precisely merge into the white plastic historical past of most plug sockets.

We also encountered one most important irritation with this unit, which is that the setup technique is completely automatic and makes use of the identical SSIDs as your current community. As such it’s wireless to tell whether or not you’re connecting to it or the existing community.

You could change the extender’s SSIDs as soon as it has connected to a network, but then every time you connect it to another community, it then resets itself. It’s the kind of factor that in all likelihood received’t be an wi-fi cult wireless for maximum people – once it’s setup it does just work – however to have it be so wireless to manually configure the unit is still disappointing.

BT twin-Band Extender six hundred – performance

Overall performance from the Extender 600 is respectable though, handing over 21.6Mbps at 7m and at 18.4Mbps at 20m at 2.4GHz. at the 5GHz band it then controlled 21.6Mbps and 18.4Mbps.

These aren’t document breaking wireless gurus but for a compact unit rated to AC600 they’re approximately as appropriate as you may get.


The Extender six hundred gives wi-fic choice of capabilities and overall performance for its £39.99 rate, though we’d be inclined to spend a little extra at the Extender 1200 for even higher performance.



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