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Apple, here is iOS 11.3: now you can check the iPhone battery. The other highlights of the Cupertino mobile operating system update revolve around augmented reality, Animoji and privacy.

It was seen in the early hours after the release of the new 9.7-inch “low-cost” iPad announced in Chicago. Now it is available to everyone, in perfect time with the deadlines that everyone expected, ie at the beginning of spring, and in line with the winter advances. iOS 11.3 is an interesting update even if not really revolutionary for Apple’s mobile operating system. It basically aims at augmented reality, Animoji and health. But also on the long-awaited settings to better control the battery and the performance of your iPhone.

Augmented reality Apple

But let’s proceed with order. First front ARKit, the suite through which the applications can offer experiences of augmented reality able to use vertical surfaces such as walls or doors to give life to enrichments of the context (or real parallel worlds) to do what was already possible with horizontal ones like desks and chairs. Not enough: the applications that exploit these solutions can more precisely map surfaces with irregular or round shapes. And even the objects such as signs, posters and works of art, often in two dimensions, can be integrated and popularized as experiences of augmented reality. Among other things, the vision of the real part, so to speak, improves by 50% and also supports autofocus.

Apple Animoji

The animated faces that speak and mimic the user’s lips and which can be exchanged via Messages or import and use elsewhere welcome four new subjects. It is a lion, a bear, a dragon and a skull.

Check battery and Apple iPhone performance

Chapter battery and privacy, very hot fronts of recent times, for Apple – in the first case – and not only. For privacy, iOS 11.3 and MacOS 10.13.4 introduce updated information on data and privacy that make it easier for users to understand how their personal data could be used. In fact, a new icon will be displayed dedicated to privacy and detailed information whenever Apple requests access to personal data to activate functions, secure services or customize an experience in the operating system. As for the battery iOS 11.3 adds new features to show the health status and suggest to the user whether to contact the assistance. You will need to locate this panel by following the Settings, Battery path but only from the iPhone 6 and following models.

In addition, users can finally activate or deactivate the energy management that modulates the performance of some components of the system to avoid sudden shutdowns. In short, that alleged “slowdown” that last year cost the Apple accusations of poor transparency. The “switch” is now available in Settings, Battery for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Other new features for iPhone

There would then be two important features, however, not available in Italy. The first is Business Chat, launched in beta in the United States and Canada: companies can communicate with users and vice versa (they can send messages when they search for Spotlight, Safari or Maps) and make purchases in chat using Apple Pay. A bit ‘on the false line of WhatsApp Business. The new Health Records function, on the other hand, expands the project to monitor medical data from multiple sources to patients of 40 other health facilities, from Duke University to Stanford.

It closes with other tweaks and developments on several fronts, which however affect individual markets, from Brazil to China. Among these, the only one that also concerns Italy involves Apple Music that will propose music videos without advertising and new video playlists.


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