Amazon’s virtual assistant has problems


Alexa has a problem: she laughs without anyone asking.

Amazon assistant problems

Amazon is working to solve the problem: the virtual assistant, in silence or interrupting conversations, starts laughing with no one pronouncing the dedicated command

ALEXA has a problem. The virtual assistant of Amazon, incorporated in its products of the Echo line but also in dozens of other gadgets, accessories, smart speakers of third parties, laughs without anyone asking him. Producing a horror film effect, or almost. In Italy it is not available but the US news assure that it can be quite surreal: Amazon is already working on a system to resolve the matter.

From what it seems, in fact, the problem would be in the command used to activate that action by the digital butler: the phrase “Alexa, laugh” would in fact be too general and easily misunderstood by artificial intelligence. Which, perhaps even as a result of special noises or background, would activate without anyone asking him. Smirking at every hour of the day and night.

“In rare circumstances, Alexa can accidentally hear the phrase” Alexa, laugh “- they explained from Amazon headquarters – we are modifying this sentence in” Alexa, can you lagh? “, That is” Alexa, can you laugh? “That is less inclined to activate false positives “. The company is therefore disabling the simplest and often misunderstood command or superimposed on other phrases with the one a little more complex and less equivocable from Seattle’s brains.

It is not enough. The Amazon technicians are also introducing a further security step, so to speak, able to eliminate this alienating phantasmagoric effect with which many users have come to terms. In fact, the assistant will answer “Sure, I can laugh”, that is “Yes I can laugh”, before actually churning out a good laugh. What before, however, did directly, without any kind of verbal introduction.

The first signs of the malfunction began to circulate a few days from Twitter, Reddit and other social networks, where users have published smart speakers (for example a Jbl case connected to an Echo Dot) where Alexa is heard breaking out in continuous laughter (a classic “Ha ha ha”) without anyone asking them to produce them. In some cases, breaking the absolute silence in others interrupting conversations in progress.



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