Amazon Kindle Oasis review


The new Amazon Kindle Oasis has a 7-inch display, with a simply superlative definition. Only by gripping it and scrolling through the pages of a book will you understand what I am talking about and why I have such enthusiasm. Yes, I know, enthusiasm is always my main fault, but in this case it is more than justified by the evidence I have made in these days.

New Amazon Kindle Oasis Review

The definition came to 300 dpi, watching this display, compared to those you were used to in the past, is completely different experience. Of course, even the cost has changed, but the advanced technology is paid for, it happens with any novelty in any industry.

Not only that, because lighting for night reading has improved, but it remains the same pleasantness for which eyes do not tire like on a color display.

The new Amazon Kindle Oassis is also waterproof, so you can use it in the most disparate situations without fearing water and dust. Another important element is battery life: in the previous model, only the Kindle barely lasted one day and the extra charge of the case was essential for prolonged use.

Now, with an average use (which means that you do not spend your entire day reading) after 5 days I have about 15 percent of residual autonomy, with about 2 hours of reading a day. It is far from the 6 weeks promised by Amazon but much better than the previous model.

Amazon Oasis glare free

These values ​​fall dramatically if you use audiobooks, but on this point we return later.

Amazon Kindle Oasis has some defects?

Yes, of course, like all technological products. The most important belief is that of ergonomics, which without housing is not the best. Theoretically, the design is designed to comfortably hold the Kindle with one hand, but in reality the grip is uncomfortable when the Kindle is naked. A whole other story when you put a cover, which makes the grip safer and more comfortable.

The materials, which are in theory better than the previous model, are precisely the reason why the grip is more slippery and less firm. The keys that allow you to move forward without touching the display are quite comfortable.

There is no charger inside the package: it is true that the world is invaded, but for almost 300 euros perhaps a buyer expects it, just as it is a pity that a USB Type-C connector has not been adopted.

One last flaw, which is linked to one of the strong points: the new Amazon Kindle Oasis is finally compatible with Audible, but to listen to audiobooks you have to hook external bluetooth headphones because. there is no speaker on the device.

But you can survive after having the trouble of combining a loudspeaker or BT earphones.

New Amazon Kindle Oasis Price

The new Kindle is found in physical stores, but obviously the place of adoption for its purchase is Amazon, you can find it in the 8gb version of memory only wifi, at a price of £229.99, HERE ! If you want the version with 32 GB on board, the price goes up to £259.99 and you can buy it HERE . If you want to exaggerate, you can get to the model with 32 Gb, with wifi and 3G, but it costs is £319.99, in that case you have to click HERE .


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