5 advantages in being freelance


Who has not thought at least for once to leave the employee and live as a freelancer? You’re probably thinking about it too. Here you will find 5 advantages of being a freelancer.

Who is the freelancer

The term freelance was initially coined to represent journalists who did not work for a single newspaper, but proposed their own articles to different newspapers. In this case freelance was precisely linked to the fact of not having a single employer who may even impose their own line of thought. Over time, the term has also been extended to photographers, especially those who make photographic reports. Today the term freelance is used for many professionals who work independently from an employer. Among these web-writers, ghost writers, social media managers and creative people in general.

First advantage: manage your work independently

The first advantage lies in the same freelance term which, in fact, indicates being free, independent and therefore being able to manage one’s work without being subordinated to someone. Freedom of freedom has many variations. First you can choose which works to make and which ones to put aside. Who works as an employee can not say: I do not like this job and I do not do it. Differently a freelancer can do it, maybe even inventing a trivial excuse not to lose the customer. Managing your time in freedom means choosing which free days to have, managing your vacation without having to ask anyone.

Second advantage: choose the rate for your job

The second advantage is to choose the rate to be applied. When working with a contract as an employee, in addition to not being able to choose what to work you can not even choose how to get paid and then enhance your work. Today unfortunately wages tend to be stagnant or even to be more limited than in the past, this leads many people to work for many hours without having the right pay. By working as a freelancer, of course after becoming established, you can choose the rate based on your skills, at the time you expect to use for a job, to your credentials. This allows you to save your lifestyle and have a fair pay.

Third advantage: work from home or stay on the go

The most fascinating part of freelance life is also freedom to stay at home to work, thus saving the money needed for vehicle passes, fuel, car insurance and other expenses necessary to reach the office. For those who love being outdoors, freelance work is optimal because you can leave the park, choose to work in your garden, in a library or in common areas. No limits to your imagination, you can also choose a different place every day. The third advantage, however, is also transformed into a further possibility, in fact, not having to be in the office in the morning at 8 and then return home late at night, allows you to manage your work in complete autonomy.

It will be possible to travel, for work or for pleasure, managing working time in complete freedom. Working as a freelancer allows you to concentrate your work at your desk in a single day and then move around, maybe to take pictures to be included in the work, to discover new places. In this case, to fully enjoy the freedom you can also take advantage of the long-term car rental that today is increasingly in demand. In this way, even in the destination it will be possible to have autonomy and freedom in travel, without having to have a car and support the costs for the whole year.

According to data in the database of the long-term rental company Finrent.it more and more freelancers (including many freelancers, for the note) and representatives choose long-term rental compared to leasing or buying a new car for tax savings and the possibility of delegating all vehicle-related responsibilities.

Fourth advantage: follow up your needs

More and more people are inclined to give quality to their lives and if you are among them, read on. Giving quality to one’s life means being able to cultivate one’s hobbies, whether it’s the gym, gardening, cinema, reading, being able to manage one’s own schedules allows one to live them fully without having particular limitations.

Among the needs increasingly felt there are also those related to the education of their children and the management of the family. There are many parents who do not want to send the children to the nursery, working from home as a freelancer allows you to give yourself this little great joy.

The fifth advantage to be a freelancer

You can work while the children are at school, choose to reduce their working hours to go of time with them, work while they sleep. You can say goodbye to absurd schedules with children seen only in the evening, maybe late, and then suddenly realize that they grew up, they suffered from the absence of their parents, they would have liked to see you at the performances that you skipped.

This is the quality of life that you can regain by abandoning the hectic schedules of the office.Fifth advantage: enhance your talent, another factor that you can not neglect: working as a freelancer gives you the right autonomy to highlight your talent and your creativity.

When working as an employee you need to follow the directives given by the boss or his superior. Often even if you have innovative ideas and are proposed, the same are not understood, in many cases are rejected even simply to avoid the lesser colleague can take a step forward in career. All this does not happen working as a freelancer.

Talent is not only exalted by the possibility of expression, but also by a psychological question. The fact of having to conquer new customers autonomously, to amaze them and keep alive the relationship, combined with the possibility of being able to exploit their skills without the advantages go to the head, helps to have a greater motivation. To this we must add that the quality of the life of a freelancer with the possibility of working outdoors without being forced into the office, leads to improve their creativity.

All these characteristics make freelance work a real opportunity to change, for the better, one’s own life. Five advantages in being a freelancer. Who has not thought at least for once to leave the employee and live as a freelancer? You’re probably thinking about it too. Here you will find 5 advantages of being a freelancer.


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