The notch that returns in fashion


What is the “notch”, the defect of smartphones that comes back into fashion. This is the black bar placed in the upper part that centrally cuts the display.

What is Notch

A defect hated for years, but now returns, or rather becomes, fashionable. We are talking about the latest generation of smartphones and the infamous “notch”. What is it? This is the black bar placed in the upper part that centrally cuts the display. That piece of plastic that ruins the perfect aesthetics of the display, but that now becomes a must.

For a change to give new life to the notch is the Apple with its new iPhone X. With the various innovations introduced in the last smarphone by the company of Cupertino, here in the top notch the Apple has inserted the front camera and various useful sensors for the Face ID.

Somewhere, the designers of Cupertino will be said, we will have to put cameras and sensors and, therefore, here comes the notch. But they did not stop here, because they thought how to make the black mark less annoying as possible.

So, to exploit the display in its entirety despite the presence of the notch, Apple has placed on the sides of the notch status icons such as that relating to the remaining charge and the signal. In this way the upper band of the iPhone becomes uniform, the whole screen is used without the notch becoming an unaesthetic and annoying component.

And since the world of technology is often based on copying the ideas of others, here in recent months the most modern models of smartphones have begun to resubmit that notch that over the years had been avoided as the plague.

Among them there are, for example, the Asus ZenFone 5, the Huawei P20 and it is said that the OnePlus 6 should have the black mark too. On the contrary, however, Samsung remains, but also other manufacturers doubt the real durability of the “notch” fashion.

Because if it ‘disappears’ in the daily use of the smartphone, it appears in all its ugliness when we want to see a full screen video. In short, the notch will be a temporary fashion or will it be the future?


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