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Long-CZ J8 is the smallest GSM mobile in the world Review.

GSM Mobile Phone the smallest

At first glance it sounds like a joke, one of those carnival phones. Then press a key, see that the display turns on and sounds, makes the tones just like a cell phone. So you realize that, actually, why should not it work? LONG-CZ J8 is a mini 7 x 2 cm large GSM phone with Bluetooth, FM radio and some basic functions. It costs $ 20 if imported from China, from 30 to 40 euros if bought in Italy or Europe on ebay, amazon or similar.

Online, exaggerating, is known as the cell phone preferred by the inmates, because with its frame of 18 grams and a whole construction in plastic is not detected by metal detectors. Or, at least, so we read on the net. Inside it has a 260 mAh battery, it has the microUSB connector, it has circuits, a mini speaker and a mini antenna, so only plastic is not. Here are the complete specifications.

– Technical data sheet LONG-CZ J8
– 0.6-inch OLED display 64 x 48 pixels
– GSM Band (2G): GSM 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz / Bluetooth v3.0
– MicroSIM / MicroUSB / Loudspeaker / Microphone
– Frame 68 x 23 x 11 mm / 18 grams (including SIM)
– 260 mAh battery: 2-3 days standby, 4-5 hours call
– Packaging: microUSB cable, lanyard, manual, earplugs, headband.

I was surprised at the sound quality on speakerphone. There are two modes (Headphones and General) and the second, the one to use it as a phone and not as a headset, has a decent volume especially in the ringtone. Also the voice quality is acceptable. I have made test calls and I have not heard many differences with the 30/40 euro phones that are online. At the bottom the dimensions point the microphone right towards the voice; it reaches the middle of the cheek and forms a slight angle with our lips.

Its 18 keys are to be managed with fingernails or fingertips if you have small fingers. It has the SMS function, the phone book with 250 numbers, some advanced options (key lock, pin, alarm ring if you go 10 meters away from the associated smartphone in BT, call log, music playback management via A2DP and little else). Writing a message with this keyboard can be complicated, but at least the keys make a nice click when pressed.


Autonomy will be tested. LONG-CZ J8 charges itself in 30 minutes (warning: under charge it does not receive or send phone calls) and promises 2/3 days of standby, 4/5 hours of voice calls. Mine lost 50% charge in 24 hours, but I did the tests you see in the video and 2 test calls. I think a phone that is so compact is also useful as a simple call device: I bring it back when I have no way to have anything else, or keep it in the car as a spare for any need, and turn it on when you need to call.

Final considerations about mini phone

It is a nice and functional idea. You could also disassemble it to insert its circuit in other equipment, maybe a project based on the new Raspberry Pi 3. Prepare to throw away its plastic frame because the joints are all glued and it is impossible to open it without damaging it. If nothing else, this approach makes it stiff and stable, not very creaky and really more robust than what it suggests its origins.

I also recommend it as a gift – perhaps in black or white – but it is better to take it from local retailers: I read on the network of models with faulty SIM card reader or keys are not solid, so it is good to ensure the possibility of a facilitated return. I’ll make my favorite racing phone.

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