Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone of the future


Galaxy S9 has a very advanced camera and stereo sound: it will arrive on March 16th to try to conquer the market of top-of-the-range devices.

Samsung Galaxy S9 review

“The mobile phone was born as a device for making calls on the move. Then we asked ourselves: why can not we read e-mail? Listen to music? Do you take photos or videos? “DJ Koh, President and Head of IT Electronics & Mobile Communications at Samsung Electronics, recalls the primacy of the Korean company: the first phone with a camera, the first with an Mp3 player, the first with Infinity display without edges. “But technology – he says – is still complicated, too many functions are never used”.

It’s about the internet of things, artificial intelligence and open innovation. But in Barcelona, ​​on the eve of the Mobile World Congress, thousands of journalists from all over the world are just waiting to see the Samsung Galaxy S9, the new top of the range from Samsung, which was already very much known before the launch. Comes after 15 minutes, with a sci-fi video projected on a huge screen visible from four sides. A part of the presentation is actually augmented: framing the entry badge with an app, the Galaxy S9 appears on the phone screen.

Samsung S9 Not one but two

As happens more often, the new Samsung is not a single phone, but two: the S9 and S9 +, identical outside the models of 2017, but with different news inside. First of all, precisely, the camera, which is double as on the Galaxy Note 8, but even more advanced, and according to the Koreans allows you to take great pictures even in low light thanks to a system that works a bit ‘like the pupil of’ human eye. Among the various curiosities of the new top of the range Samsung there is then a phenomenal slow motion at 960 fps and the ability to create animated emojis with his own face (but also with that of Mickey Mouse or the characters of the Incredibles).

“The way we use our smartphones has changed because communication and forms of expression have evolved,” notes DJ Koh. “With the Galaxy S9 and S9 +, we have revolutionized the smartphone camera. These smartphones not only allow you to capture high quality photos and videos in any environmental situation, but are designed to help people communicate with others and express themselves in a unique and personal way “.

Samsung Galaxy S9 equal and different

Excellent as always the screen, a Super Amoled curved at the edges with Quad HD resolution (5.8 inches for the Galaxy S9 and 6.2 for the S9 +) that allows an excellent color reproduction even in bright light. Improves the sound, with two stereo speakers and Dolby Atmos technology, and evolves the Bixby assistant, which now translates real-time writing from one language to another, simply by framing them. There is a slot for memory cards up to 400 GB. With the new Dex base, the smartphone turns into a complete PC for work or play.

For data security, there is Knox 3.1, the latest update of the Samsung security platform, as well as three different possibilities of biometric authentication (iris, fingerprint and face recognition). In addition, with the Smart Scan feature, Galaxy S9 and S9 + can combine iris scanning and face recognition technology to quickly unlock the phone under any circumstances. The new smartphones also integrate the SmartThings app and become the central hub for the management of other Samsung devices and other manufacturers that adhere to the standard. Also for this reason, in the Korean company’s vision, the Galaxy S9 “is the smartphone of the future”.

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There is the scrapping

The mobile phone market does not grow as it once did: in 2017 only 3% compared to 2016, while revenues amounted to $ 478.7 billion, 9% more than the previous year. However, prices rise, and today they spend an average of $ 363 in the world on a smartphone (Gfk data), because all manufacturers are targeting the high end of the market, where margins are more substantial.

The Galaxy S9, in every respect, is a step forward compared to the already excellent S8, including the price: will arrive on the market March 16, respectively 899 and 999 euros.

Galaxy S9 and S9 + will be available in Midnight Black, Coral Blue and in the new Lilac Purple shade. In Italy, those who decide to buy one of the new Samsung during the reservation period – from 18.30 on 25 February to 15 March – will be able to take advantage of an over-used exchange: returning the old smartphone will have up to 450 euros discount. Who will book it by 7 March will receive it before the official arrival.


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