Nokia 8110 “banana phone”


Mobile World Congress 2018, Nokia, the “banana phone” is back 8110 and is now nostalgic 90s.

Nokia for nostalgic 90s

HMD Global, the Filnadian company that since December 2016 produces smartphones with the historic brand Nokia, has clear ideas. Stealing the show from the competition – tech giants like Samsung and LG – with the remakes of cell phones that made history.

It happened at the Mobile World Congress in 2017, when the 8110 was revived. And it still happens today, in Barcelona, ​​with the return of the Nokia 8110, the 1996 telephone which also ended up in Neo, protagonist of the cult movie Matrix .

Nokia 3310 Banana front back

It’s been 22 years but the charm of the “banana phone”, as it was baptized at the time due to its curved shape, is unchanged. Available in black and yellow, the new 8110 also allows you to answer and end a call by sliding the door that covers the physical keyboard down and up.

Unlike the 8110 launched last year, a feature-based feature phone that did not go beyond 3G, the 8110 is 4G compatible and can count on a dedicated store where you can download apps like Facebook, Twitter and Gmail. The display, a 2.4-inch QVGA, is tiny.

Nokia "banana phone" review

The rear camera is 2MP. 4GB internal memory and 512MB RAM. And of course, for the most nostalgic, there is also an updated version of the Snake game. The 8110 will end up on the market in May, at a price that is likely to reach almost 80 euros in EU.


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