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The new Meizu M6 Note smartphone comes out into the open in today’s market. Let’s see what it is ..

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Smartphone Meizu M6 Note, is not a product that can do exceptional things, and even with amazing technical characteristics, but perhaps because of its normality, in a world of low-value Chinese products that promise so much but often do not keep the promises , in the use of every day I was fully satisfied. So I just have to tell you what I think in this review.

At first glance, this M6 Note is certainly not surprising for the originality of its design, let’s say that alongside most of its brothers you will hardly notice special features that distinguish it from other proposals at a glance. A design that we could define tested, good materials and a certainly solid construction.

The shell is unibody, made of metal with a satin finish. Nothing particular but decidedly sober, especially in our coloring, in which almost the Meizu logo is also lost in the middle of the back cover. Also on the back we find the double camera and, a little above, embedded in the plastic band behind which we hide the antennas, we have a flash composed of 4 LEDs of different shades. A unique stylistic solution that I personally really appreciated.

Physical specifications of the Meizu M6 Nnote

The front is instead covered with glass and in addition to the display we find the capsule for audio on call, the front camera, the notification LED and, in the lower part, a physical button that allows you to return to the Home but also integrates a reader for the recognition of the fingerprints that turned out all in all fast and precise.

The power button, as well as the one for adjusting the volume are placed on the right side of the frame while on the opposite side we have a trolley equipped with a double slot for the insertion of two SIM or a SIM and a microSD memory card. On the bottom then we find, in addition to the speaker and the 3.5 mm jack, a connector for charging, unfortunately still a microUSB.

As for ergonomics, however, we are talking about a product that measures 154.6 x 75.2 x 8.35 mm. Sure it will not be the most compact solution among those equipped with a 5.5-inch display but still remains comfortable enough to hold in your hand. The weight then, although not very low, we speak of 173 grams, helps to provide a good feeling of solidity.

The panel in this dowry Meizu M6 Note is a 5.5-inch IPS LCD diagonal and FullHD resolution, or 1920×1080 pixels. Contrary to what we have seen lately even in the mid-market, this M6 Note retains the 16: 9 format, but despite this we have a panel all in all discrete, certainly in line with the competition in this price segment.


Good maximum brightness, which exceeds 430 cd / m2, with blacks unfortunately not very deep but still enough to get a contrast ratio of almost 1300: 1. A value, the latter, not very high but sufficient to obtain good visibility in most situations. Even outdoors, on a sunny day, you do not have too many problems reading the information on the screen.

We are talking about a display with a coverage of the sRGB standard, which exceeds 96% and of the colors all in all fairly precise. The average delta E is in fact a result of just under 4, a value that does not deviate much from the 3 points that indicate the threshold below which the human eye does not perceive differences with the standard.

If we really want to find a fault with this display we could talk about the viewing angle at maximum brightness in relation to blacks. Here, when we set the backlight to the maximum value and rotate the smartphone we can see a dramatic change to gray, but let’s say that in the use of every day you will notice this flaw very few times.

The camera that is equipped with this Meizu M6 Note is formed, as you may have guessed, by two modules. A main one, equipped with a sensor of 12 megapixel resolution and lens with focal aperture f / 1.9 and a secondary instead, with 5 megapixel resolution, dedicated to the acquisition of information to achieve the so-called portrait effect, or blur effect, which allows to highlight the subject by simulating a wider focal length.

The photos taken in daylight or in well-lit environments are discrete, in line with what most of the competing solutions offer. After all, we have already repeated several times, it is now really difficult to find a smartphone that makes bad photos in good light conditions. The shots of this M6 Note, in particular, are well contrasted and offer a discreet detail. Perhaps the management of highlights can be improved. In some shots, in fact, the areas most exposed to sunlight are, unfortunately, a little overexposed. Sufficient even the HDR that allows you to take pictures against the light preserving much of the details.

To view a photo proof of Meizu’s camera click here:

As always happens, especially in this market segment and in those even lower, the degradation in shots taken in dimly lit or outdoors at night is certainly evident. In the photos taken in the dark, in fact, an important amount of noise intervenes that leads to spreading many details to make them almost illegible. If you look without zooming, landscape photos or scenes taken from afar are still usable for sharing on social media or for small-format prints, but nothing more.

As already mentioned above, the double module of this M6 Note offers the possibility to shoot applying the blur effect. This is obviously a software processing in which the information on the depth of field collected by the second module helps to identify the subject of the scene and blur only what surrounds it. A pleasant effect, certainly particular, but here, despite a fairly precise outline, it is perhaps a little ‘too accentuated making the shots not credible. Perhaps we would have preferred a less aggressive processing and therefore closer to reality.

Then there is obviously a front camera that offers a resolution even higher than that of the main camera. We’re talking about 16 megapixels, which contribute to making selfie very defined. Even in this case the shots are good during the day and in the presence of a good amount of light but suffer enough in case of self-portraits at night or at sunset.


Finally we also have the possibility to record videos at a maximum resolution of 1080p for both cameras and in both cases with a maximum frame rate of 30 frames per second. Nothing amazing then, indeed, now also on the mid-range are smartphones able to guarantee 4K at 30fps or at least 1080p at 60fps. Moreover, stabilization is also lacking; particular not to be underestimated and only partly mitigated by the presence of a focus that, on the other hand, works very well.

The Snapdragon 625 that we find inside this M6 Note belongs to the past generation of Qualcomm processors but we must say that it is still better than many MediaTek alternatives used so far by the Chinese manufacturer. The SoC introduced here includes a 2GHz octa-core CPU and an Adreno 506 GPU, combined with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage in the version at our disposal.

Having said that we can not complain about the performance of this smartphone that will not have the reactivity of a top of the range in opening the app and managing multitasking, but it has been pleasant to use and free of obvious problems that make it use frustrating. No major lag or slowdowns, no loss of frames during playback of multimedia content or games and, more generally, good behavior in every situation in which we used it.

Also good reception, M6 Note is equipped with band 20 and allows you to hook the signal quickly and keeps it always without problems. I took advantage of the last weekend to take a trip to the mountains and dust the skis after several years of winery and I must say that even on the highway, with the frequent change of cell and several tunnels crossed, I did not notice any particular problems.

Not bad audio on call, which offers a clean stamp and a good volume. Less good, however, the work of the speaker that is mono and is characterized by a rather muffled sound and a volume not as high as I wanted.



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