LG G smartphone Flex 2 review


Curved and flexsible LG G Flex 2 , with new interface, is one of the smartphone in continuos evolution. LG G Flex 2 review.

Curved (and perhaps flexible, in this case) screens will probably open the way for bizarre and innovative designs. Waiting for that moment there are few companies to exploit this technology and among these the most devoted is definitely LG with its G Flex series that now comes to its second version.

Inside the red packaging of G Flex 2 (curiosity: the red version will not arrive in Italy) we find the 1.80A power supply, the USB-microUSB cable and the excellent quadbeat 2 of LG.

The curvature of the smartphone is mainly a matter of aesthetics and G Flex 2 from this point of view does not disappoint. It’s a beautiful smartphone and your eyes will always be for you, whether you’re at the bar or with friends. The shape then helps the handle and you will always have a good grip on the product, although the size is not the most contained (but still much smaller than the first G Flex).

The physical buttons are all located on the back where you will find the power button and volume keys. In addition to being curved, it is also flexible: not an actively useful function but which considerably improves its resistance to shocks, falls and possible pressures. The cover then has a coating that self-regenerates in case of slight scratches.

G Flex 2 (together with HTC One M9) is the first smartphone to arrive in Italy with Qualcomm’s new octa core 64-bit processor, the Snapdragon 810 with four 2GHz and four 1.5GHz cores. The power is then supported by 2 GB of RAM and you will have 16 GB of internal memory for applications and files. This memory is expandable via a microSD.

The new processor also brings with it all the connectivity you could wish for: Miracast, two-band Wi-Fi ac, Bluetooth 4.1, NFC and support for LTE networks up to 300 Mbps. On the top there is also an infrared port. The speaker is placed behind and has a good power, especially considering the position

The main camera is 13 megapixel and has a good endowment of equipment: support for 4K video, laser autofocus (which in the dark helps to have a really fast focus), double LED flash of two colors and, above all, the stabilizer optical. Overall, we were satisfied with the quality of the camera and often the presence of laser autofocus and stabilizer made the difference. Perhaps only the colors on some occasions were less vivid than we would have liked.

The interface is the same view on G3: minimalist, perhaps too much. There are not many shooting modes and there are no special features, if not the most classic: HDR, panorama and shooting with both cameras.


Display of LG G Flex 2

The screen is a 5.5 inch resolution at 1920 x 1080 pixels in P-OLED technology. Obviously it is also curved. The curvature is certainly an aesthetic plus of great value. Watching images flow on a similar screen is always a pleasure. The brightness is good even if the automatic adjustment is sometimes a little “parsimonious” and above all the intermediate settings seem to have no effect. There are also some tonal adjustments, but the “classic” one is the best.

Just like the first G Flex, however, we feel we are still placing the accent on the slightly grainy screen, probably “characteristic” of the P-OLED screens. The situation has however improved significantly compared to the first model and the effect of image persistence has completely disappeared.

Android is already at version 5.0.1 Lollipop. We have a customization that is almost identical to the one on G3. There are now so many news that we will find scattered in the system: the use of two apps in contemporary (even if a bit ‘slow), the ability to customize icons, shortcuts on the back keys, the ability to customize the keyboard, the possibility to change the lower key bar or even the presence of Voice Mate, now in Italian and with the possibility to activate it from the screen lock.

The new interface of LG is once again confirmed in continuous evolution. Evolution, in the right direction. In this G Flex 2, unfortunately, the fluidity that one would expect from a similar device is not found. The system is permeated by some slowdowns that undermine the user experience and in some situations is very frustrating, especially considering the hardware available. LG has proved to be quite reactive with the updates and we hope it can be also for this G Flex 2 that certainly needs some tweaks.

Software Browser of LG G

I have not spent words of praise for the fludità of the system, but the browser behaves instead however well. The discreet fluidity even with the heavier sites is then accompanied by the beautiful “infinite” effect offered by the curved screen.

Software Multimedia

Good the multimedia side of this smartphone. The dive effect that you may have seen on curved TV replicates quite well on this smartphone too. Watching a video or browsing through photos is the best experience you can do on this phone.

Battery autonomy LG G Flex 2

The 3000 mAh battery is subdued, especially in relation to the large battery capacity. With an average use you could still get to the end of the evening, but a slightly more intense use will force you to a second charge before dinner.

LG G Flex 2 is sold at £ 195.98, a price in line with all other top of the range.



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