LG 7 smartphone doesn’t work well


LG G7 does not work, the works start from scratch – technical data sheet on the post.

LG 7 Smartphone review

Rumors LG G7, the smartphone of the Korean company is still on the high seas, starting from scratch the construction of the next top of the range of the house.

A scene shot in Korea, those who await with trepidation the new LG G7 will have to wait a long time. The online rumors are scarce, and it seems that the smartphone has to delay its debut for a long time on the market, something is wrong, in fact it seems that the developers are building it virtually from scratch.

LG G7 problems in the development of production

Believing consistent delay what will be faced by LG for the next G7, the engineers would have been given the order to throw away all the work done until the last few weeks to start from scratch the development of a completely new phone. The unusual indiscretion leaks from the site Investor, according to which the order would come from the CEO of LG Electronics, Jo Seong-jin, who only a few days ago in the course of the Ces had anticipated the decision in a rather sibylline manner in the course of a group press conference.

Here are the words of Seong-jin al Ces: “We will enter new smartphones on the market only when we consider it necessary, without forcing us to launch products only because our opponents do it”. The claims of the number 1 of LG Electronic now take on a new sense, after what has been revealed in the last days about the back of the company on the production of the new top of the range. The Korean group still seems to be planning to release a smartphone within the first half of the year, although its release could be postponed until April.

Rumors technical data sheet LG G7

At this point it could be rash to talk about technical data, but let’s see what the rumors are about. Android 8.0 Oreo operating system, OLED panel with QHD resolution, 6 GB of RAM and 64 or 128 GB of internal memory. Snapdragon 845 processor.

Snapdragon 845 processor. Fingerprint reader on the back and particularly small frames. We are faced with a top of the range certainly very interesting, although we imagine that this step back means that the company intends to do even better, even if it means waiting beyond the expected.



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