Last Samsung S9 is like IphoneX


The latest Samsung phone has virtually the same performance as the iPhoneX but costs less than 200 euros.

Differences bitween Samsung S9 and IphoneX

The iPhone dominated the global phone market, but know that you could save a lot ‘of money if you do not buy Apple.

The smart people at the Digital Trends technology site have scoured the statistics of Samsung’s latest flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy S9, recently launched at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The S9 model boasts a stunning new camera, a sleek curved body and numerous other developments from last year’s Galaxy S8.

The team compared the elegant new phone to the reigning Apple champion, the iPhone X, putting the two against each other in a series of categories and achieving rather enlightening results.

When it comes to the design and display, the S9 came out on top due to the lack of fingerprint sensor on the iPhone X. However, they claimed that it was a “narrow” victory, as the “drawings are so different that it really comes up to personal preferences. ‘

With the cameras, there was a link between the two models. Apparently the Galaxy S9 camera is the “main function” of the phone.

“There’s no doubt that the iPhone X camera is superb, but we’re expecting big things from the S9 camera,” the team explained.

Battery life and charging – something for which Apple was often criticized – ended up in another 3,000 mAh battery attack on the Galaxy S9 and Apple’s 2,716 mAh battery.

Both also support wireless charging and fast charging, though as a point of difference, the Digital Trends team adds that “Apple neglects to include a fast charger in the packaging, which is annoying considering the price of the phone”.

The software is obviously big and, surprisingly, yet another draw.

The team said: “The iPhone X also boasts FaceID, the sophisticated security of unlocking the face of Apple, which is certainly a little ‘faster and easier to use than the Iris scanner from Samsung, although perhaps not so sure.

Finally, and this usually comes down to, is the price and availability. It is in this category that the new model Samsung has overwhelmed its rival Apple. According to Digital Trends, the Galaxy S9 is not only available at various retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and others, but it also costs $ 720 (£ 520) unlocked – much cheaper than the iPhone X, which starts at $ 1,000 (£ 725 ). Their overall winner was ultimately Apple’s Apple X, but as you can see, it was virtually the neck and neck for most comparison points.

But, since the Samsung Galaxy S9 costs $ 280 (£ 200) less, it depends on the marginal value that the latest model of Apple has, or if it is an entire load of money that you could save.

The new iPhone X was presented to the world during the annual Apple Keynote in Cupertino. A smartphone whose technical characteristics have been known for some time but also and above all its design with the new completely borderless display except for the top bezel which has the presence of multiple sensors between cameras and infrared. Just the appearance of the front has aroused some perplexity in users of Apple bitten especially against the solutions adopted by other smartphone manufacturers.




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