Do we must prepare ourselves for the Window’s “S Mode”?


Microsoft may change strategy: it will stop offering Windows 10 S in favor of “S Mode” that will affect all versions. Here’s what it is.

What’s Windows “S Mode”

It seems that Microsoft is ready to change the approach pursued with Windows 10 S, the version of Windows designed to compete with Chrome OS in the world of education. As is known, Windows 10 S does not allow the installation of traditional software (Win32) but only the apps on the Windows Store.

For now Windows 10 S has been a separate version of the operating system, but for the future it seems that the Redmond house intends to offer an “S Mode” for Windows 10 Home, Enterprise and Pro. This S Mode, essentially, will allow with every version of Windows 10 becoming like Windows 10 S.

World Windows 10 news

According to the website, which was able to view some internal Microsoft documents, 60% of users who purchased a Windows 10 S device remained with that version of the system, even in the face of the possibility to switch to Windows 10 Pro without additional costs.

windows 10 what is S mode

The 60% of those who made the “jump”, did it in the first 24 hours after the purchase of the device Windows 10 S. Who instead maintained Windows 10 S for the first 7 days, remained in 83% of cases with this version.

It is clear that Microsoft wants to push the UWP app and its Store, and the new strategy aims to ensure that more users receive products with the “S mode” enabled, limited yes, but as such also safer.

Microsoft should allow Windows 10 Home users to disable S mode for free, while Windows 10 Pro customers with active S Mode will have to pay $ 49 to upgrade to the classic, unrestricted version known as Windows 10 Pro.

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