Air bar adds touch to notebooks with no touchscreen


If you don’t have a PC with touchscreen, now you can change this situation… with Air Bar!!

What is Air Bar

The convertibles and 2-in-1 are growing, so the touchscreen has become almost normal on many of the notebooks, although often the costs go up a bit ‘too much for this functionality. It is said that we must necessarily opt for a panel dedicated if you want to exploit this type of interaction, on the market is in fact to arrive AirBar, a USB accessory capable of transforming any model from 15 inches down (15.6, 14, 13.3 and 11.6 inches) in a ‘touchscreen’.


The idea is simple, this accessory is nothing more than a bar that rests at the base of the display and projects an invisible field of light along the entire screen, as soon as something interacts with light, recognition takes place. For the user it is like having the touch on his panel to take advantage of direct commands, with the great advantage of not having to physically touch the display and be able to use any object: a pen, a rubber or gloves.

No installation required, just insert the connector to the USB port and you’re done, only at the cost from £63.77 to £58.35. The cost changes from the different monitor you have on your laptop. Following are the different links depending on the monitor you have.

Different screen sizes different air bars (13.3″, 14″, 15.6″):

13.3″ Video:
13.3″ – BUY IT NOW!!!!
14″ Video:
14″ – BUY IT NOW!!!!
15.6″ Video:
15.6″ – BUY IT NOW!!!!


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