The six best Match-3 games on iOS and Android


The most played video game in the world today is not a console blockbuster but a Match-3 puzzle game for mobile: Candy Crush.

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The six best Match-3 games on iOS and Android

The most played video game in the world today is not a console blockbuster but a Match-3 mobile puzzle game: Candy Crush.

Bejeweled is the first Match-3

The battle of numbers in the world of video games has been going on for years. League of Legends is the most played game in the world, with 100 million monthly users, thunder those of Tencent from China. No, it is the series of Call of Duty, the best-selling of the year on consoles, or PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battleground) holder of the same record but on PC.

So, what is the most played video game in the world today?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not possible to have with certainty, since there are no estimates for players on mobile, a platform that for some years now is becoming more and more “cumbersome” for consoles and PCs as it is the most profitable. Did you know that the turnover of the mobile portion of video games is currently the largest in the market? Making money does not always mean having the most players, though, unless you call yourself Candy Crush Saga. Activision Blizzard giant (which bought King in 2016) has a monthly number of users close to 300 million and generates about 100 million dollars every 30 days.

Simply everyone is stubborn about not wanting to see the elephant in the room: every time you take the bus or the subway, in fact, how many people do you see engaged in a similar puzzle game?

The game is simply the tip of a phenomenon, that of Match-3 games, made up of hundreds of Candy Crush clones where even the latest arrivals manage to generate revenue. The aim of the game is very simple: you have to combine three elements of the same color to make them explode, trying to solve levels with different objectives.

The simplicity and the device on which they turn are the keys to an absolutely unprecedented success, capable of shaking any skeptic: the title can be played by anyone and that is exactly what is happening.

What are the five best alternatives, then, to Candy Crush available on mobile phones in 2017?

Homescapes iOS / Android

Developed by the Russians of Playtrix, which thanks to this title and the previous, GardenScapes, have become a colossus, this video game has its strength in the gameplay “accessory” to the main one: you have to help Austin, the butler at home bring color and serenity into the family. By overcoming the levels and obtaining stars you can “buy” (no money, quiet, only skill) various furniture or accessories, decide on the color and fill the former luxurious now decayed home.

The game is developed beautifully and is very fluid and this addition definitely increases the fun ensuring a little ‘variety.

Marvel Puzzle Quest iOS / Android

Son of a tradition less dedicated to casual gamers, Marvel Puzzle Quest is the version with the superheroes of a Match-3. What changes? Simple: there are the barrel. Depending on our moves, in fact, in the upper portion of the screen we will see our virtual alter ego fight to the sound of super powers against his opponent. Full of characters to unlock or upgrade the title is much more complex than a regular candy crush clone and may please even the most hardcore players.

After all, wherever there is SpiderMan the nerd buys, right?

Cookie Jam iOS / Android / Facebook

Clean, graphically excellent, delicious to watch and play, Cookie Jam is probably the most mainstream alternative to existing Candy Crush. Available for each platform, guarantees hours of gameplay thanks to its thousands of levels constantly updated.

Jelly Juice iOS / Android / Facebook / Mac

But is there something developed in Italy? Absolutely yes: Jelly Juice is a title that knew how to cleverly mix the recipe of Candy Crush with that of Homescape. In fact, we need to help the protagonist, Jinny to save a bunny from the clutches of a bad cook thanks to the resolution of the various levels. With the stars you can fill the various rooms of Jinny’s house with objects.

Family Guy – Another Freakin ‘mobile game iOS / Android

The match-3 genre has always been considered feminine. Until the new game of the TV series “I Griffin” (in English Family Guy) that has quite distorted this stereotype. Thanks to a minimum dose of politically correct (in some levels you need to get Peter and his friends drunk, in others they undress, etc.) and to a less bright color graphics the game of Fox, developed by Jam City, has managed to impose to the attention of the male public too. Unequivocal sign that the Match-3 is really a type of game for everyone, just being able to find the right size.

Candy Crush Jelly Saga iOS / Android

Impossible not to mention the king from whom all took inspiration (in turn not really original: it draws almost everything from Bejeweled). Developed, indeed, by King, Candy Crush Jelly Saga is the latest incarnation of the popular puzzle game saga. With record numbers and a character design perfectly distinguishable from the competition by inventiveness and freshness, the title is certainly the most famous of its kind and probably also the best, especially for the number of levels and their variety. It has existed since 2012 and has conquered the market starting from Facebook, where it has been the most used application for years. The money, however, arrived with the landing on mobile.


I sei migliori giochi Match-3 su iOS e Android


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