The 3 most hated cards by Clash Royale


Surely, it will also happen to you while playing with Clash Royale, to stumble across opponents who used cards that blocked your initiative, thus earning your hatred. It is tested that there are cards much more hated than others, and 3 in particular are really hateful to many players. Let’s find out right away what these cards are so hated also by taking advantage of the special section dedicated to guides on Clash Royale.

Infernal Dragon card Clash Royale

This is one of the most subtle cards that is present within Clash Royale. It’s like an infernal tower, but it costs less, it can move around the Arena and besides eliminating troops it can easily destroy the Crown Tower. Unless you have an Electric Warlock, stopping this unit is a challenge, and who knows how many times you’ve seen your tower destroyed in seconds by this Dragon.

clash royale cards hated

Giant skeleton card Clash Royale

When an opponent uses this card, the nerves of the one who has to face it are put to the test. The Giant Skeleton in addition to being a good defensive tank, is also a threat in attack. There are two most odious uses with which it is used. The first, and use it as a ram, with the purpose of bringing it near the tower of the crown.

Here, just wait for it to die and release its dangerous bomb that will cause significant damage to all those who are nearby. The second mode of use is instead clearly defensive. When the opponent is attacking with enthusiasm, just deploy this Bone colossus as a defense, so that at his death the bomb eliminates the totality of troops present. A real scourge of the world of Clash Royale.

Rocket card Clash Royale

This dangerous torpedo often proves the definitive sentence of many battles. How many losses we will have at the last moment from the arrival of this devastating missile. Maybe while we were preparing to give the coup de grace to the enemy. The Rocket is always a constant threat, and knowing that we have to face it is certainly not a good thing. Deserves to be mentioned among these card among the most hated of the game Supercell.

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