Street Fighter V Arcade Edition review


Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition for PS4, is a new version of the Capcom brawler of 2016, available free for those with the original.

PRO: Perfect gameplay; Many new modes; Top-level online sector; Funny arcade mode.

VS: Virtual currency is tedious to accumulate.

VERDICT: Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, in short, is what Street Fighter V should have been at the exit. The update – free for owners of the original – is the result of a great job, and makes the Capcom brawler among the best on the market.


Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is a free upgrade for those who own the original title, but which can also be purchased as a stand-alone edition. Here is our review of this substantial expansion for Street Fighter 5.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is an update that is limited to making marginal improvements and adjustments to the Capcom title gameplay. The basic mechanics of the game remain the original ones, with a division of balanced wrestlers, functional controls and in general an excellent combat system.

The team has focused a lot to solve the various “side-by-side” problems that have troubled Street Fighter V since its debut, and it is no coincidence that a large part of this edition is focused on the single-player. We are obviously talking about the arcade mode, from which this version takes its name.

The arcade mode in question is divided into six different paths, each of which is suitable to celebrate one of the chapters of this legendary saga. So we have Street Fighter I, II and II, Alpha, IV and V adapted to arcade mode in which we can select the fighter that we like (provided it was available in the original game) and follow the story, also selecting the costume that we prefer .

The existence of this mode, surrounded by beautiful artwork, certainly enriches the experience in single player, and is definitely among the most welcome news, but it is not the only one.

Street Fighter V Arcade all other news

Another of the most interesting news is the team battle, in which two teams with 5 members at most can challenge each other. This mode can be adjusted by changing the number of participants, the format of the match and more, making it perfect for tournaments with friends or online.

Street Fighter V now presents timed challenges that can be completed to get rewards of various kinds. The one available at the moment is giving away a Viewtiful Joe costume for Rashid, which can be won by winning 4 challenges (which cost Fight Money for each attempt). In addition to these we have the classic survival mode, and the missions (of the objectives that can be achieved in different ways).

V-Trigger, Traning and Fight Mode

One of the most important new features in terms of gameplay is the introduction of the new V-Triggers, which can be chosen as desired in the character selection menu. These particularly powerful moves are able to overturn the fate of a battle, also giving new liveliness to the most competitive scenario of the game.

As the long-standing Street Fighter V players know, the coin used to unlock costumes, arenas and other pleasures is Fight Money, which have undergone some changes in the third season of this fifth installment. Now the methods to accumulate money have been reduced, and online battles are probably the best way to do that (as well as completing the story mode of the characters, which provide many coins, but only once), for the unhappiness of those who do not love play against opponents via the internet.

The real problem of the virtual gaming currency is the decidedly exaggerated cost to which you go to unlock a character (100,000 fight money) or an arena (70,000 fight money). The system obviously exploited to entice players to spend real money: the only real defect of an edition and update that led Street Fighter V to be – almost – perfect.

Through the Training mode you can study in detail the moves of the characters, with even the details on the frames that require to be performed. Those who love fighting games know very well how the timing is crucial for this type of video games, and thanks to this addition of the Arcade Edition will certainly be happy to deepen even more their style of combat.

The beginning of the third season (finally we have Sakura!) And the Arcade Edition mark the definitive arrival of Street Fighter V in the Olympus of the current fighting game. A well-bred combat system and gameplay are finally embellished with a little ‘meat in the fire even for the single-player.

The new V-Triggers are beautiful, the arcade mode is rich and fun, and the only negative is the Fight Money, really too boring to accumulate. For the rest, Street Fighter V is simply a great fighting game, which fans of the genre will certainly not want to miss.

The cost of this game is, on Amazon UK, £17.99. If you want to buy it you can do it clicking on the button below.


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