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Review Sea of ​​Thieves, the life of the pirate according to Rare.

Sea of ​​Thieves is the game developed by Rare exclusively for Microsoft. The title looks like a pure sandbox experience where the players determine their own adventures and their own destiny.

Pros: Technically valid, it offers breathtaking views; maximum freedom of action; PvP and assaults on forts are the most fun and rewarding activities; shared with a crew of friends is an absolutely valid and recommended experience.

Versus: There is a great lack of a vertical progression and also of a narrative compartment; a very special game, suitable for players with great imagination and resourcefulness; long-term holding is to be assessed and will depend heavily on post-launch support.


Opinion: Sea of ​​Thieves is a peculiar and somewhat unique game of its kind. It projects the player in a fascinating context, characterized by a freedom of action so deeply rooted and preponderant that it could be unsettling. A pure sandbox, an orphan of a narrative component and a vertical progression that focuses entirely on the will and imagination of the players. The idea is intriguing and the realization is good: the durability will tell us with certainty whether the operation was a success or a failure. Today Sea of ​​Thieves is certainly an enjoyable experience that, net of merits and defects, could represent a pleasant breath of fresh air for a good slice of users.

Sea of ​​Thieves xBox Game

After a period of development lasting over four years and numerous trial versions tested by the public and the press, Sea of ​​Thieves finally sees the light on March 20, 2018. The exclusive Microsoft developed by the Rare guys arrives on the shelves and in the digital stores (also in the Game Pass catalog!) Accompanied by a considerable dose of expectations, nourishing by the fact that the Colossus of Redmond, although it has given birth to a solid and powerful hardware , orphaned by a lineup of intellectual property capable of allowing him to face a war on equal terms against the adversary of a lifetime.

Although the community has had the opportunity to approach and evaluate the Rare title during these months, the days following the release were characterized by a motion of dissatisfaction that derives surely from the nature of the game itself. Playing Sea of ​​Thieves is perhaps a purely recreational experience, driven by imagination and resourcefulness.


Those who expected a canonical videogame will probably have been disappointed, because the piratical adventure that can only be played on Microsoft or PC consoles is built with the sole purpose of taking you into a world where you, players, write every page of your story. In this review we will try to answer the most important question of all: what is Sea of ​​Thieves? We will get there, calmly; make yourself comfortable, enjoy a nice glass of grog and get ready to sail towards the horizon.

In the heart of the game Thieves Xbox

Once you get to the main menu, you will be greeted by a rather simple screen that will basically ask you what kind of game you want to play. Small ship or galleon? Everything will depend on the number of players and your intentions. The last step before you can finally sail in search of treasures concerns the creation of the character. Sea of ​​Thieves does not have a real character editor, you can choose among random models that you can regenerate until you find the one you like. After choosing what kind of pirate you want to be, you will be catapulted into one of the many Outposts of the map: this is officially the beginning of the game.

The first things that stand out in the eyes are two: there is no story, a main campaign, and there is no real progression of the character. In Sea of ​​Thieves there is not a narrative section in the strict sense and there are no points related to the experience, so your pirate will not have a level or skill that can be acquired / improved in the course of your gaming sessions.

The main purpose is to perform the many treasure hunts for the three factions available, each of which will propose different tasks: from the discovery of a treasure chest, the killing of a crew of skeletons damned in search of goods, materials and animals from bring in certain places. Whenever you complete these missions and return to the outpost, simply go to the NPC on duty to receive your rewards, which will be gold and reputation for the faction.


With the gold you can buy weapons and items from vendors scattered around the map, but the equipment is free of statistics so it will not change in any way your way to approach the game and missions. Sea of ​​Thieves is a pure sandbox, a playground where each of us must create their own story using the means available to them.

Then there is a special event at irregular intervals, or the assault on the forts (marked with a huge skull in the sky useful to show you the way) that will catapult in a classic horde structure where after killing hundreds of skeletons and a boss not too difficult, you can access the secret room where you can find dozens of boxes and precious objects of all kinds. Each fort will advance you in the reputation of the factions and will make you collect a lot of gold, as long as you can deliver all the goods, an operation that can be disturbed by two variants, both very thorny and potentially fatal.

The first, most famous, you will surely have seen in the videos and promotional images: we are obviously talking about the Kraken. In a totally causal way the enormous sprawling beast will trap your ship in an attempt to sink you. The sea becomes black, the menacing sky and the slimy limbs of the sea monster emerge from the water in a threatening way.

To escape it you will have two options: scare him and escape (hitting him with any weapon you have at his disposal), or kill him. In both cases – currently – the difficulty is not very high and with a minimum of coordination you will be able to survive it. The second one is represented by the other players.

In Sea of ​​Thieves you will play in servers where you will be able to meet other pirates, with whom you can collaborate or, much funnier activities, fight to sink the ship and steal all the hidden treasures on it. Imagine then having the hold full of treasure chests and being attacked by other players; you understand well that the situation in this case becomes interesting. To kill the enemies and destroy their boat you will have at your disposal all the means that the gameplay offers you: firearms, cannon balls, ramming or sabotage. It depends only on you and how ruthless you are.

One best game on Pirate history

I’m not saying it’s difficult – the average difficulty is quite low, a sign that the will was to make it very accessible – but rather that a good feeling and a fair synergy with your crew could potentially enrich your every session of play. The horizontal progression is likely to break down a good slice of players, it is true, but on the other hand there is still a sea of ​​opportunity to satisfy the most imaginative adventurers. The PvP, then, is the condiment that makes the dish more tasty and exciting, despite today some dynamics are not properly refined and thorough. Here, perhaps the biggest flaw of Sea of ​​Thieves is to be unripe and too thin.

The game is the son of an interesting concept that will certainly be updated several times over the months, we also hope very steadily, but the first impact can be unsettling and could generate more than one question: expect more enemies, more variety in terms of missions and -banally- more types of animals to chase and capture are all more perplexing. The feeling is that Rara has spent a large part of the development time in shaping a unique playful archetype that runs through clear tracks, well aware of the goal she wants to reach.

Technically the title of Rare like a lot: the cartoon graphics do not give up to give truly breathtaking views. If on the one hand the animations and the hitboxes of the fights are to be reviewed, on the other the physics of the sea and the sky will give you unforgettable moments. Sea currents and the day / night cycle of Sea of ​​Thieves are among the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.

Sea of ​​Theaves game opinions

Do not think that Sea of ​​Thieves is a game without a soul or, even worse, without any purpose. On the contrary, the title developed by the boys of Rare offers you an open and pirate world where everyone is the creator of their own destiny, More than history, you feel the lack of a vertical progression, a difficult thing to digest but certainly courageous. Considering all that we have written here, Sea of ​​Thieves is perfect for those players looking for adventures to share and who are very curious to see what the future holds during the game.

Before proceeding with the purchase, then try to understand very well what is the offer of Sea of ​​Theaves, which in the modern videogame scene is quite particular, similar only in some ways to that of No Man’s Sky. I advise you to try it: once the adventure has begun, the future will literally be in your hands.



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