PS5 and New Xbox will only be on cloud and streming


Hajime Tabata by Square Enix talks about the future of consoles: streaming services and cloud technology will be the engine of the industry.

Future for gaming platforms

The latest generation of consoles, and in particular PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, has focused on offering an excellent reason to stay connected – and pay subscriptions – to online services. According to Hajime Tabata of Square Enix, the future of PlayStation 5 and the next Xbox is right in the cloud and in streaming services.

It is easy to imagine a service similar to Spotify or Netflix, but for video games: a monthly or annual subscription, which gives access to a lot of video games, perhaps played remotely, without additional costs.

While on the one hand services like Humble Monthly, PlayStation Plus and Xbox Gold are already conceptually similar to this idea, there is still some way to go for a “Netflix of video games”. Tabata, director of Final Fantasy XV, explained in an interview with OXM that the next generation of consoles will move towards a cloud-based technology.

The future of gaming platforms

Hajime also believes that the video game industry will follow that cinematography and music, offering more and more streaming services, and that although there are obvious limitations depending on the connection speed of some regions, these changes could still arrive very soon.

A technology increasingly oriented to ensure different online services and good quality in the videogame, it would certainly be an excellent incentive for players to subscribe to fixed subscriptions. Already now we can not complain about the titles offered by services like Plus and Gold, but should we expect something more soon?


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