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MLB Review The Show 18, when baseball becomes art.

MLB The Show 18 PS4 game review

MLB The Show 18 is a Sony exclusive developed by SIE San Diego Studio where the experience of baseball comes to life thanks to a wealth of great content. The title is an exclusive PlayStation 4.

PRO: Many different modes; Pleasant graphics; Every detail is well taken care of; Rich with extra content; Functional checks; A complex system, but also accessible to those who do not know baseball.

AGAINST: Presence of microtransactions; Few news compared to the past.

VERDICT: MLB The Show 18 is probably the best baseball simulator ever made. A sea of ​​different ways and details lead to a very deep experience, but that also allows those who are beginners to have fun.

MLB The Show 18 takes us into the world of Major League American Baseball, in a highly respected sports simulation that highlights every aspect of the game of baseball, offering players a vastness of content rarely seen in such a game.

Despite this new installation of the series both in good and bad an updated version of the previous one, there have been some noteworthy changes in the gameplay of the title. Perhaps the most important thing is to change the Road to the Show mode, a revival – in some ways similar to the NBA 2k18 experience – of the classic career mode.

In this mode, after creating our sporting alter ego, and having personalized it by choosing life, death and miracles (including even the position in which to hold the bat), we will pass to the draft phase, in which we will have the opportunity to try the our talent before being selected by a team and hired in the MLB.

The first change we find it right here: our character will be assigned a sort of “class” depending on the role in the field. It will establish not only our competences at stake, but also how much they can be developed to the maximum. In this sense the management of the points to be assigned to the player has been radically changed: we can no longer assign them freely as we want, but it will be the game to enhance (or if we play very badly, weaken) our character depending on how you involves in the field.

MLB The Show 18

The MLB gameplay The Show 18

In MLB 18 the gameplay is one of the most cared components, and that we have most appreciated. As already mentioned, it is functional both to those who have never played, and to the most experienced. We will be asked to choose between various ways to shoot, receive, or run. Each one adapts to a different style of play, and it is useless to say that it is a very appreciated choice.

The shooting method is really very deep, with the ability to indulge as you prefer. The only flaw in this sense is the useful screen indicator: it is much better to watch the player and press the button at the time of launch, which try to hit the bar with the right timing to get a perfect shot.

With the baseball bat in hand, things change a bit, being slightly more cumbersome and less natural, although still improved in general. The physics of the game is definitely good, and gives life to particularly realistic actions. Other elements that can “give life” to the game are the weather conditions, the animations of the players (even if sometimes they are not perfect) and the reactions to the game events.

MLB has put a lot of attention into the realism of the game, and just to mention a couple, there are also the exultances typical of the various team on the sideline and the public will react differently to a home run depending on its importance for the game.

The graphics and the sound of the game

MLB 18 on a visual level shows big steps forward in every sense: from animations to textures, the title is decidedly more pleasant than its predecessor. The game engine has no particular flaws, and even the public – known problem of sports games – is not the usual fist in the eye.

The care in the reproduction of uniforms, gadgets, stadiums and players is praiseworthy, and manages to further increase the feeling of being right on the playing field. As for the sound sector we are faced with a good soundtrack, and especially at a major change: with the release of Harold Reynolds the official commentators have become Matt Vasgersian, Dan Plesac and Mark DeRosa.

The lines of dialogue are generally consistent with the state of the game, even if sometimes it happens to hear some sentence that has nothing to do with what actually happens on the field.

MLB The Show 18 offers really a lot of ways to have fun: it goes from the “retro” immediate and fun, to more complicated things like managing the entire franchise of your team, facing a season divided into events.

The star of the singe player is certainly the aforementioned mode Road to the Show, which thanks to the extreme depth and personalization of the character will make the happiness of those who wanted a touch RPG even in a game of sport. The Diamond Dinasty mode allows us instead to create and carry on our personal team (finding the players in the bags of stickers that can be purchased with virtual or real currency) competing online against other players: the mode will however only be online on 27 March, at the official exit of the title, and we could not therefore evaluate the stability of the servers and the quality of the match against other players.

At MLB sports simulation level, The Show is truly a great title, which will surely offer baseball fans what they are looking for. Despite the early hours can be disarming for those unfamiliar with the series or the sport itself, after a bit of practice and thanks to the tutorials you can get carried away with almost all the complicated statistics and possibilities offered by the title. Not that the competition is tight, but MLB The Show 18 is definitely the best baseball game on the market.

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