Kingdom Come: Deliverance review


Kingdom Come Deliverance is a realistic medieval RPG, on the edge of the simulation. It is not a game for everyone but it is an experience to try.

Kingdom As a PS4 game deliverance

When it comes to open world the first thing that comes to mind is the incredible freedom offered to the player in terms of explorable spaces. The big names associated with this type of video games are wasted: just think of the evergreen Elder Scrolls, The Witcher, Horizon or the recent Zelda Breath of the Wild. These titles are united by fantastic settings, the presence of imaginary creatures, magic and many other elements that make them products of pure fantasy. Although there are examples of games that have exploited real historical settings, such as the Assassin’s Creed, here too it is inevitable a fantasy vein that prevents the product from presenting itself as an accurate re-presentation of the historical period treated.

Kingdom Like: Deliverance, after a really lucky Kickstarter campaign, is ready to say its own, proposing a setting faithful to Bohemia of 1400. The boys of Warhorse Studio put on the plate a raw title, in some ways simulative, able to immerse the player in a concrete and plausible Middle Ages. The developers themselves have given him a definition that is worth a thousand words, that is “Dungeons and no dragons”. Forget about ogres, goblins, demons, dragons and be ready to face the real needs that every man of humble origins had to face during such a turbulent time.

Let’s start with a bit of history: as we said, we find ourselves in Bohemia (corresponding to the western part of the modern Czech Republic), and the year of the Lord is 1403. The political situation is very tense because of the vicissitudes that revolve around the family of rulers. Charles IV was a truly admirable king and his kingdom flourishing and enduring, but after his departure the crown was placed on the head of his son, Wenceslas.

He did not own the fabric of his father, but instead used to devote himself to frivolities and revelries, leaving aside the obligations of ruler. Precisely because of his negligence, the half-brother, Sigismund King of Hungary, decided to forge an alliance with the various dissatisfied nobles and to take the throne by force. He not only kidnapped his brother, in order to convince him to abdicate in his favor, but took possession of some small fiefdoms in order to grab the mines useful to extract the metals with which to forge weapons for his army.

Precisely in this unstable historical period is the story of which we are protagonists in the role of Henry, the son of the blacksmith of Skalitz. The town is one of the most active mining centers of the empire and therefore a perfect target for the bellicose aims of Sigismondo. So, during a day like so many, between a commission carried out for our father and a stunt with friends, the ground begins to shake, beaten by hundreds of hooves and a wall of banners emerges from behind the hill. They spend a few moments, the sun darkens, covered by a cloud of arrows, the fire begins to devour the wooden houses and the inhabitants who are not quick enough to escape are passed to the sword by the merciless cumans that Sigismondo has hired as ruthless mercenaries.

Our parents are killed and we remain locked out of the fortress where most of the citizens have taken refuge. Radzig, the local squire, is perched among the battlements of the ramparts: “Flee to Talmberg and warn them of the impending danger!”, He shouts to us, pointing to the farm to the east. We do not make it repeat twice and after going down at breakneck speed along the path that runs along the walls, we steal a horse and head to beat against salvation.

The ruthless Cumans, however, do not give up and are on our heels. An arrow reaches us to the thigh but it is not enough to stop us and after a few galloping gallop that seemed hours, we finally manage to cross the gate of Talmberg. Here we are greeted by the men of the feudal lord who we hardly recount the events that have just happened while we are pulling the wooden rod out of the flesh.


Continuing with the story would deprive you of the pleasure of discovering it from you, what we can tell you is that Henry is taken under the protective wing of Radzig, miraculously escaped the massacre of Skalitz, and that its history is intertwined with the fate of ’empire. The most intriguing thing is that the stories are historically as accurate as possible and that most of the prominent people we are dealing with have all really existed.

Suffice it to say that after meeting some of them their biography is unlocked in the codex, with a lot of date of birth, death and thumbnail taken from official documents. Obviously everything is fictional and adapted to the medium so as to propose a realistic and historically accurate setting, but flanked by a narrative compatible with the reference audience.

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The title, as well as the story it tells, tries to be as faithful as possible to reality, not to the point of becoming a simulator inaccessible but raising the bar of the depth of gameplay far beyond the standards imposed by the games belonging to this category. From this point of view it is impossible not to mention the combat system, the real flagship of the production capable of making the joy of all fans of medieval fencing and fetishists of hardened steel in general. Once the blade has been extracted from its sheath the pointer turns into a five-pointed star, of which we can highlight one of the arms with a simple movement of the mouse.

The left button starts a stroke in the indicated direction, while the right one is assigned to the hit. As you become more experienced you will learn various combos, some dedicated to specific weapons, but all very useful to emerge victorious from the tenzone.Chiaramente everyone can devote himself to the type of weapon he prefers, there are really many to choose between long swords and court, axes, clubs, weapons in auction and shooting. The same applies to armor, so based on your style of combat and the weapon that you hold you can decide if you prefer a full armor, which offers excellent protection but poor mobility, or a lighter indicated for those who prefer agility to the detriment of security. Combat, whatever your choice, is extremely technical.

It is used to mowing people with ebony swords and firing fireballs into Skyrim might be slow, but we will tell you reasoned. Many factors must be taken into account including stamina and enemy equipment, as well as exploiting the guard’s openings and impact parades at the right time. If at the beginning the depth of the system could be unsettling, we assure you that after a few hours everything becomes very satisfying and knocking down an opponent after an intense duel will make you feel some knights. The title enjoys a truly stratified and complex GDR system, with hundreds of data and statistics for each object that can affect the character in many ways.

The level climb takes place separately for each activity and is faster depending on how much we use it. Do we almost always fight with the sword? We will become experts with that but not with railway sticks or axes. We mill alloys on alloys on horseback? Little by little we will be able to use skills from expert jockeys. As in all RPGs there is also a system of main, secondary and minor tasks to be completed to receive cash compensation and experience. But beyond the normal role-playing features, all in all similar to what has already been seen elsewhere, Kingdom Come: Deliverance () lives by the small details and incredible immersiveness it can offer to the player.

For example, the strength score or charisma more or less in any GDR affects the success rates of intimidation or deception in the dialogues. Here, however, the game also takes into account clothing, personal status and even the type of interlocutor. Let’s assume you want to convince a farmer by relying on your intimidating power. If you wear armor, you will be more inclined to give in to your requests. Do you bring a sword to your side? So much the better. Is the armor bruised by a recent fight and the bloody sword? Trust us, the guy is already doing it underneath. But what if, instead of the farmer, there are two or three hired thugs who are not afraid of the clash? In that case the force is useless, but if we present ourselves with luxurious noble clothes their lust for money could cause them to hang on our lips.

This is an example but hundreds could be done. A speial asked us to remove weeds from his garden but without damaging the medicinal plants. He also gave us a manual to distinguish them, but, alas, we can not read, just like most plebeians of that period. We must therefore go to a scribe and learn how to do it before carrying out the mission, otherwise the textbooks are just pages full of meaningless words. Another anecdote: after a few hours of play we managed to change the horrible zuccotto helmet with one which offers full protection.

At the first fight we draw the sword, the concealment is lowered and the view is reduced drastically, just as it would happen by wearing exactly that type of helmet! We hope with these examples of having made you understand with precision on what kind of fineness the title leverage to immerse the player in a medieval carefully meticulously minutely in detail, in which there is no room for monsters and spells but where everything is accurate exactly in its place. Crossing the Bohemia of the fifteenth century on the back of our faithful steed, one can only be fascinated by the landscapes that surround us. The game world is modeled through the Cryengine, an engine that shows the muscles especially when it comes to landscapes.


The animations, especially those related to fights, are excellent, while the facial ones we can see during the dialogues are good but not exceptional. However, the cutscene enjoy a directorial cut of the first order and can be asserted even if compared to those of more noble titles.

Without considering the graphic sector in terms of mere sum between the number of polygons and the quality of the textures, we therefore have an implementation that assists the immersiveness of the gameplay with a completely convincing world. Unfortunately, the title can not reach perfection especially due to of some bugs, physiological in this type of games. It happens that some sub-quests get stuck, making it impossible to talk to the character in question due to a stubbornly closed door or some mission marker that tends to disappear or randomly appear on the map.

They are minor issues, solvable by loading the game or maybe making a sound sleep, but annoying. Definitely Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an impressive GDR, characterized by a pseudo-simulative component able to make the happiness of those who seek a more refined gameplay and with additional mechanics compared to that of many titles in circulation. Of course, maybe it could not go down right at all, but ultimately is to be considered a step ahead of many productions that have made accessibility their warhorse.


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