Google Yeti video game streaming and console


According to new rumors Google is working on a video game streaming service.

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The Information website reports that Google has been working on a video game streaming service, codenamed Yeti, for several years. Google’s attempts to enter the gaming business are not new, who knows if this time will bring this alleged project to fruition.

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It is also rumored that along with an online service similar to PlayStation Now and Xbox Game Pass could also debut a proprietary hardware, but there are no indications that the hardware division of Mountain View is at work and it is unclear whether the project focuses only on the playing Android games.

The only signal that gives a minimum of support for these rumors is the recent assumption of the British manager Phil Harrison, an industry veteran who worked for Atari, Sony and Xbox.

Just with Sony has contributed to the creation of PlayStation Now and this makes the indiscretion plausible, but it is also true that there are many possible projects to which you can give your contribution, as the scope of augmented reality to give an example.

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