God of War the return of Kratos


After years of absence from the world gaming scene, the anti-hero protagonist of one of the action that have made the history of the genre in the last 15 years returns to present itself on the PlayStation platform in perfect shape.

God of War game review

It’s been two years since the announcement of God of War at E3 in Los Angeles. Since then, every news, image and leak revealed by Santa Monica Studio – the American software company of the Sony group – have become small pieces of a puzzle. Finally we reached the final rush, God of War came into the gold phase – so close to publication – and we could enjoy a few hours of gameplay during a Preview Event held in Milan a few days ago.

Kratos is back, but above all has changed. After years of absence from the world gaming scene, the anti-hero protagonist of one of the action that have made the history of the genre in the last 15 years returns to present itself on the PlayStation platform in perfect shape. The years have passed, the resentment and anger that characterized him before left room for a new period of his life, where the term “change” fits perfectly into the evolution of his character. Our protagonist will be joined for the whole duration of the game by his son, Atreus.

God of War is different, better: we are no longer dealing with the typical hack’n slash we were used to, we are immersing ourselves in a more mature chapter of the saga, made such by the new role that Kratos will have to play: being a father. The relationship with his son lays the foundation of all the hours of gameplay that we will face, we will find our protagonist intent not only to devastate the enemies with his unstoppable power, but also to manage a side of himself that still does not know, but who will have to learn to develop to change and become a better person.

The meticulous work accomplished by Santa Monica Studio with regard to the graphic sector is amazing, especially given the fact that it is a title coming out on consoles. The Sony hardware was pushed to the maximum – the PlayStation 4 PRO was used for the test – and the results are a joy for the eyes of the player.

This is also thanks to an artistic sector studied in an intelligent and creative way, where every detail makes the difference and each setting succeeds in eliciting different feelings, especially considering the support of a soundtrack with solemn notes that is always able to accentuate the pathos both the cinematic scenes and the fights, transporting the player to the world of Kratos and often touching chords that are able to move and move.

Once the visual impact goosebumps have calmed down, we begin to immerse ourselves in what is the God of War gameplay, rebuilt from scratch. We no longer have to deal with the classic combat system based on the combinations of the different moves of the protagonist, but with a mechanism based primarily on the strategy: through the game menu we will manage every skill of Kratos and evolve his style of combat so that it is as close as possible to our style of play. The growth curve of the character is very linear, get familiar with the gameplay is natural and evolves hand in hand with the game plot.

The “everything immediately” has never been part of the structure of God of War and this is quite evident also in this chapter. We will learn calmly to intelligently manage both characters, enhancing their skills, but also weapons and equipment: although Atreus is part of the party, we can not handle the fighting directly, but we will give him some guidance to help us in the more intense fighting of the game. The son of Kratos is a tactical element of great value, both during the struggles and on the road: his small body will often be useful to get there without being noticed, to view the best routes to follow and identify the long distance enemies .

The structure of the God of War world does not come close to the Open World titles we have become accustomed to over the past few years. The path is well defined, we will not have to cross a world too vast and dispersive, although the hidden areas are as numerous as the secrets that can be found. The settings are also often embellished with puzzles that help keep the game always interesting, without long periods spent exploring empty.

Do not worry, the spirit of God of War permeates the gameplay, which from the first hours of play is full of fights to the death that should not be taken in a manner that is obvious: the tactics turns out to be fundamental. Not only punches, blades, kicks and combinations therefore: in this new title the battlefield should be studied, evaluating the positions to be taken, on which enemies to focus first and which skills can be used to escape death. Also noteworthy is the addition of the “fatality” once the enemy is stunned, a series of dense animations of elements gore and violence, in honor of the old-fashioned God of War.

God of War’s taste has opened a gap, impossible not to want more. This title can combine the spirit of the previous chapters with a clear idea of ​​the brand’s future, which tinges the plot of blood red, but with a thousand nuances. A new story, which sees Kratos discovering himself in a new period of his life, all studded with extremely engaging battles set in breathtaking locations. A new point of view that respects the past of the saga, but which also looks to the new generation users, welcoming newcomers without making them feel the weight of one of the most beloved videogames pillars.

We just have to wait for April 20 to enjoy God of War in its entirety: Welcome back Kratos!



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