Crash Bandicoot, a new game coming in 2019?


Apparently, Activision would have long-term plans for the Crash Bandicoot series.

Crash Bandicoot game review

In the latest edition of the DHX Brands Licensing Source Book Europe (a catalog dedicated to retailers), the words of Max Arguille from GB Eye, the manager of a merchandising company, reveal the plans of Activision with the Crash Bandicoot franchise .

According to Arguille, within the year Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy  will arrive on PC and Nintendo Switch, but that’s not all. Activision plans to continue the series for another 5 years at least, until 2022, with a brand new chapter scheduled for 2019.

The trilogy dedicated to the famous character linked to the world of PlayStation is still an exclusive PS4, but since the announcement has always been given for temporary. Activision in this sense has never expressed itself but many indications have suggested that there was a timed agreement between Sony and the American publisher.

Of the possibility that Activision exploits properly the license that has been holding for years there has been little talk on the other hand, and it is interesting to understand, if it were true as reported, who will be the developer who will have the burden and honor to create the new title. Perhaps Vicarious Visions, the same authors as N. Sane Trilogy ? At the moment they are only rumors, we hope that Activision will soon shed light on the issue.



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