BattleTech game review


BattleTech, a new video between space and giant robots.

BattleTech is a new title developed by Harebrained Schemes and published by Pradox coming this April. Between giant robots and travel among the stars, this game is about to be the delight of those who love the tactical genre and Sci-Fi. A new video explains some more details on the mechanics of this promising title.

Game news BattleTech

Based on the legendary board game, BattleTech was probably assigned to the best tactical company, and is developed by the authors of Necropolis, a title we have reviewed and which we found very interesting despite some flaws.

Winning a battle in BattleTech is not all: managing your finances, managing your units and planning future moves are key elements for survival, and developers are keen to point this out. With the freedom to explore so many star systems, every sort of event can happen, and the series of random possibilities reminds us closely of the mechanics of the FTL-style games (Faster Than Light). You can watch this new video below: what do you think?


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