Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker review


Over the past few years Xiaomi has been one of the most grown overseas companies, and has made itself especially appreciated for the quality of its products. In the smartphone field, everyone can see how they can be considered as “more famous” brands like Samsung, HTC and Motorola. Let’s see how Xiaomi behaves in “audio” with our review of the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker.


Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker Unboxing

The sales package of Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker (square box) is simple and essential: white and rectangular, contains the speaker – wrapped in an elegant protective bag with logo – and an instruction manual in Chinese.

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker Design

The speaker – also called Square Box – is elegant: the body completely in aluminum gives it strength and at the same time that “premium” feeling that never hurts. Given its size – 168 x 24.5 x 58 mm – it may seem heavy, but all in all its weight is contained in only 270 g. The build quality is excellent, no crunches or parts that bend to the pressure, and the front texture – under which the real speakers are hidden – does not really stand out, it makes it visually pleasing.

The back of Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker is smooth and features only the Xiaomi logo and some indications – yes, always in Chinese – on voltage, amperage and compliance rules.

On the lower part of the speaker we find rubber “feet”, which make it easier to grip on all surfaces and avoid contact with aluminum.

The left and right sides, the only parts of this “Square Box” to be colored white, are the real step forward of Xiaomi compared to the previous generation of speakers:

On the left we find the housing for the MicroSD, a 3.5mm audio jack, the micro-USB input for charging the device and the microphone. On the right side, however, there are all the “classic” function keys such as play / pause and the volume keys and the Bluetooth pairing button.

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker details

Technical Features of Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker

– Support for audio playback from MicroSD
– Support for hands-free calls via BT
– Support for audio-audio connection via 3.5 “jack
– Measurements: 168 x 24.5 x 58 mm
– Weight: 270 g
– Battery: 1500 mAh
– Audio playback up to 8 hours with only one recharge
– Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity
– Reproduction frequencies: 85 Hz – 20kHz
– Audio volume up to 90 dB
– Maximum Output Power: 3W

Audio Compartment of Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker

The audio features of Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker are known – and you can find them in the appropriate section a few paragraphs more on – so I prefer to talk about what has been my personal experience with the sound played by this speaker.

Without using equalizers I could appreciate the “body” of the sound industry: the bass and the mids are felt good – all too well maybe – not in the slightest affect the audio performance of the highs. It is surprising how the producer managed to efficiently mix the various sound components that, in any case, do not overlap each other and self-regulate in an excellent way.

Excellent playback volume that, even at the highest level, does not distort the sound by faithfully reproducing what we “give to the meal”.

The speech changes if I use an equalizer: I do not consider myself a “audiophile” doc, but I noticed with pleasure that going to “play” with the frequency bands and even using the predefined presets of “AudioFx” the sound of Mi Bluetooth Speaker benefits a lot by really taking it to another level.

Functionality of Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker

One of the interesting features inherent to the features of the device is certainly the dual function of all the physical buttons: the play / pause button if pressed for a long time also acts as a switch on and off of the device – when the speaker is lit the LED surrounding the button lights up the volume keys have the dual skip function of the tracks being played and the bluetooth “should” button also indicates the percentage of battery charge.

I say “should” not because I do not, indeed, but – I would say of course – reports everything in Chinese, so it could very well tell me how the weather in Beijing and I would not understand the same; on this point we trust blindly Xiaomi, but do not worry because Mi Bluetooth Speaker will not abandon us without warning: the LED positioned around the play button will turn red when a recharge is needed.

Playing music from a microSD card is smooth and slow and the skip functions are immediate. In the same way, playback via 3.5 “audio jack is not difficult.

As regards, however, the playback of audio files via Bluetooth I must say to be really surprised by the scope of this speaker; safely reaches 5 meters away without causing distortion of sound due to poor signal, and both coupling and decoupling to a new device are accompanied by an acoustic signal – is it worthwhile to tell you in what language? -. There are no audio delays in case you want to watch a video on smartphone and listen to the audio through the speaker, and of course the skip functions of the tracks and volume fully perform their duty.

In my opinion, you could do better in the hands-free calling area: the speaker reproduces the sound in an optimal way, but the microphone is not able to accept everything we say if we are in a room with too many people or if we are excessively distant.


To conclude the review I can only assign a positive vote to Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker and recommend the purchase to anyone looking for a portable sound box, elegant, economical and above all quality.

If you are interested in buying, we remind you that it is available on Amazon.co.uk for only £ 41.99.


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