Why Rolex is worth so much


Rolex is a brand known all over the world. But why do they have such a high cost?

Rolex quality

When an object turns out to be on one hand particularly valuable, and on the other such that many would like it, its market price usually tends to be very high. This is the case of Rolex, the famous luxury wristwatches produced by the homonymous Swiss company based in Geneva.

But having said that, why are Rolex worth so much? Is it just a matter strictly related to the brand and the success story of the company Rolex SA, or is there any other explanation?

Well, for what concerns the manufacture of precision watches, the company Rolex SA stands out worldwide for its impeccable organization and for the absolute precision adopted for the production steps, with the consequence that the products placed on the market are not only always more exclusive, but also technologically advanced compared to the luxury watches that are produced by the competition.

It is no coincidence that all watch production is always subject to very stringent tests before entering the sales circuit, which is why a Rolex, even if it is used, can continue to have a higher cost than a car.

The official registration of the Rolex brand dates back to November 15, 1915, while only ten years later, in 1925, the historical symbol was introduced, which is represented by the characteristic 5-pointed crown that basically makes the watches produced by the Swiss company unique but also such as to be the subject of counterfeiting and illegal trade. That’s why buying Rolex online is a risk and one must be very careful.

According to the documents of the time, for the company Rolex, which was set up by Hans Wilsdorf and the Aegler family, there is currently a ban on the sale and also listing on the stock market in order to continue to preserve and pass on the sound principles and the traditions of the founders.



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