The 9 best action cams of 2018


A collection of the ten best action cams you can buy in 2018: not just GoPro, but also the best alternatives.

The bests action camera

What are the best action cams to buy in 2018? We refer, of course, to compact and wearable video cameras devoted to sports and outdoor activities: small and light, but they can offer remarkable performance such as video capture in 4k as well as in full hd very fluid for suggestive slow motion. If GoPro cams have become the action cam par excellence, given that the name itself is often used to define the category, there is a very wide offer that ranges in well-known brands and other more niche, but not for this to be underestimated. We have selected ten models, from the top of the range to those recently released that can offer current features at appreciable prices.

GoPro Hero6 Black 

GoPro hero 6 action camera review

The latest addition to GoPro is the Hero6 Black, which strongly improves the technical specifications, features and design. Put on the plate monstrous performances such as recording 4k at 60 frames per second or 120fps in 2.7k for a very enjoyable fluidity. In full hd it goes up to 240 frames per second: so you can slow down in a very cinematic way the evolution on snowboarding, down hill as well as doing parkour. The internal stabilization system avoids the annoying shaky effect and the camera is waterproof up to 10 meters without a case. Very comfortable the LCD screen on the back, 2-inch to adjust the zoom in a reactive way as on a smartphone. Improve the sound with the reduction of wind noise, there is a voice control with an understanding of 12 commands in Italian, you save images (up to 12 megapixels) in raw format and there is support hdr to offer a perfect contrast in any light condition.

With the GPS you can save values such as altitude, speed, acceleration and route. In general everything is faster thanks to the new GP1 chip, for example, the wifi works at 5GHz for faster file transfers (up to three times). At software level there is Quik Stories: once connected the action cam to the app will be created automatic montages with captured videos, for faster shares. Buy it HERE

Sony FDR-X3000 

Sony FDR-X3000 action camera review

A true champion of the segment, which has excellent components and proprietary technologies. Sony FDR-X3000 fights head-on for the sector’s leadership by proudly placing the optical stabilization to get videos and photos always clear, as tradition of the Japanese company. Let’s start immediately from the only real neo: an integrated display is missing and so you have to go through the external Live-View, which acts as a monitor and controller; it can be mounted directly on the back of the action cam, on the wrist, on the bike handlebars and so on. Continuing the speech inaugurated with the first models, Sony places the sensor CMOS Exmor R (more sensitive to light) with the Zeiss Tessar lens on the short side, with the buttons on the sides and the service LCD screen. It is therefore more aerodynamic than GoPro, a particular noteworthy for those who want high quality shots, but that do not affect performance. The award-winning Bionx X image processor holds 4k footage at 100Mbps, while the camera body is resistant to splashes and ice, but to go underwater it needs a case. The price is important, £500.00 , but it is an action cam that has everything you need. Buy it HERE!!

Action cam long battery life

Garmin Virb Ultra 30 


Garmin has greatly improved its offer of action cam with a model that can be placed without problems in the high-end with recording at 4k and 30 fps. Garmin Virb Ultra 30 focuses on excellent video quality with a great deal of detail as well as an amazing sensitivity with low ambient light. If you look at it you would not say it’s so good because the design is a bit dated, you could do better. But for those who look at the substance is a very interesting videocamer: on the back is the 1.75-inch touch screen, the body is waterproof up to 10 meters underwater (which becomes 40 with the bulky case). The real gem at the software level is the ease with which you can stream a video streamed live on YouTube thanks to the dedicated command. It’s a good alternative to the above models, even if it shows the side on some details like the miniusb interface and voice commands that suffer a bit from noise. Buy it HERE !!!

Yi 4k+ 

Yi 4k+ action camera review

Yi 4k + was the first action cam to reach the fluidity of 60 frames per second for 4k resolution and can be found online at a much lower price than the list price. The on-board sensor is a 12 megapixel Sony IMX377 and works in tandem with the Ambarella H2 processor. There is an electronic stabilization system that lowers, however, the fluidity of 4k to 30fps. The 4k time lapse is at 30 fps, the slowmotion hd (720p) at 240 frames per second and can shoot in burst up to 10 poses per second. The screen on the back is a 2.2-inch touch. It is recharged via USB type-c and includes in the package the underwater case to dive up to 40 meters. The image quality is more than satisfactory, a few steps below the range of Sony and GoPro. Buy it HERE !

Best selling action camera

GoPro Hero5 Black

GoPro hero 5 action camera review 

The previous model of GoPro or Hero5 Black is online, offering more than satisfactory performance with 4k at 30 frames per second, 12 megapixel photos (with saves even in raw), slow motion hd 720p at 240 fps, water resistance to 10 meters, gps and 2-inch touch screen. Wireless connections are complete with wifi and bluetooth, the sound with three microphones has the wind noise reduction system. For those looking even more compact, there is a GoPro Hero5 Session in cubic form with performance just below.  Buy it HERE !!!!

Yi 2 4K 

Yi 2 4K action camera review

Yi 2 4K is a good solution for those looking for a medium-high quality, but above all a popular price. The action cam that mounts Ambarella processor, the good 12 megapixel sensor Sony IMX377 and a lens made of seven layers of glass with anti-glare to protect the optics with f / 2.8 aperture with a visual angle of 160 degrees. This camera also supports 4k recording at 30 frames per second and 60 Mbps, the electronic image stabilizer and wifi. Its strong points are a 2.19-inch high-resolution touch screen with a density of 330 pixels per square inch and a very large battery, with an estimated autonomy of about two hours, much more than the rivals.  To Buy it click HERE!

Sjcam Sj7 Star 

Sjcam Sj7 Star action camera review

In the very wide range of medium-high end action cams, there are several models priced at £ 158.99. The goodness of Sjcam Star by Sjcam, with its metallic look, lies in the fact that it guarantees a recording 4k at 30 frames per second native, it mounts a 2-inch touch screen and also supports a very interesting detail as the external microphones. The quality of the image is not to tear the hair, but maintains faithful nuances and relies on a white balance and a light meter that do their job in an excellent way. The sensor on board is the 12-megapixel Sony IMX117, does not lack wifi and timelapse mode (but not 4k). As for slow motion, 720p saves at 200 frames per second. Buy this action camera HERE !

Best action camera other than gopro

Garmin Virb 360 

Garmin Virb 360 action camera review

Garmin also has an action cam with dual sensor in the catalog, Virb 360 which is a real boon for those who want to capture these scenic contents during outdoor activities. Resists underwater up to 10 meters deep and even falls, it records 4k video at 30 frames per second that are mounted together by the internal software and unprocessed movies up to 5.7k. It also shoots 15-megapixel photos and, as with the single-sensor model, can broadcast live on the web with a button. As well as Ricoh Theta V (which is more compact 360 camcorder than real action cam), it uses four microphones to capture enveloping audio. Complete the picture gps, barometer, compass and accelerometer, voice controls and a tripod / grip. Buy it on Amazon !!

Yi 360 VR Camera 

Yi 360 VR action Camera review

Also Yi has positioned in the catalog a great 360-degree action cam or Yi 360 Vr which mounts 220-degree lenses for the two sensors that can go to capture video up to 5.7k resolution. The movies from 4k to 30 frames per second are automatically assembled together for a simpler processing and even here there is the possibility of live streaming live and in 4k both on YouTube and on Facebook. Not bad battery, which guarantees up to 60 minutes of operation. The hardware is strengthened by the new Ambarella H2V95 chip and a dual Sony IMX377 sensor.  Buy this action camera on Amazon !



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